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  1. speedfrk

    when you open the door to your garage, what are you greeted with?

    Rode the yellow bike yesterday and had a blast. There is a reason these bikes are cult classics. I'm restoring another yellow one right now... BTW, your RD's are awesome bikes, too. And the Kawi. I have a S1 that is not fast, but super fun to run around on.
  2. speedfrk

    difference in 2017 to 2018 mustang

    I think there are other driveline changes too, like the driveshaft and probably flanges...
  3. speedfrk

    keep (or discard) OEM springs, sway bars

    Might be usable for someone wanting to upgrade a stock EB. Probably quite a bit thicker swaybars.
  4. speedfrk

    More story on the Mustang rented, modified, and driven to Cannonball glory

    I guess the rattle didn't bother him too much since he bought the car. Really, to do what he did on stock everything (including tires) is pretty good advertising for Ford. The Mustang team at Ford obviously couldn't use it in any real advertising due to the highly illegal nature of the run but...
  5. speedfrk

    More story on the Mustang rented, modified, and driven to Cannonball glory

    The Incredible Story of the Great Cannonball Boom When the country shut down and the highways thinned out, a stealthy group of amateur car obsessives glimpsed an opportunity to revive the fabled cannonball run—the highly daring, absurdly illegal cross-country endurance race. And in the...
  6. speedfrk

    What do you think of those defects?

    I do a lot of custom painting and it looks like they painted the fender and taped off part of the door and got overspray on it. Sloppy job. The good thing is that a detailer or body shop can wet sand the overspray off with 2000 grit and buff it back perfect. The real question is- what was...
  7. speedfrk

    Another shake up at Ford

    I think a base Ranger SC is a decent value. They can be had in the 23-24 range and still have all of the modern electronics most people want for phone connectivity, etc. Plus a 6 ft bed, will fit in a normal garage, 300HP, decent towing capacity, etc. Then get a cold weather package that will...
  8. speedfrk

    Issues through 80k miles?

    If you can wait, used car prices are crazy right now... But I think you can get a new base EB for around 22-23 with rebates. I'd do that before spending 19 on a car with 60-70K miles because after you put 50K more miles on, the used car will be virtually worthless but the new car with 50K miles...
  9. speedfrk

    2020 HPP, OAR too low & 1 knock always shows on cylinder 2

    Does FP have a tune specific to the HPP cars yet?
  10. speedfrk

    Normal 10 speed automatic behavior (quirks)?

    My F150 had the same transmission characteristics. Even after the trans update, it would skip 2-3 and clunk into 4th on light throttle. That and the pointless engine shutoff at stoplights made me trade it. It was an annoying truck to drive.
  11. speedfrk

    Front bumper paint mismatch on ordered car, what should I do?

    Company called Magna makes and paints bumpers for a lot of OEM companies. They are not painted with the car so even things like air pressure and humidity can affect the paint. My view is that on a 70K car, you don't want to come out and look at it every day and be annoyed that the paint doesn't...
  12. speedfrk

    Front bumper paint mismatch on ordered car, what should I do?

    The bumpers are not painted at the same time as the car. Many manufacturers actually have their bumpers made and painted by suppliers. Even US made Mercedes are not that great. I remember seeing a Challenger Scat Pack wide body in F8 green and the bumpers didn't even look like the same color...
  13. speedfrk

    Ford Dealers are Terrible

    Back when I had my 2015 with the driveline vibration that they could never fix, I mentioned that for the people who were coming from a premium brand to Ford they would be severely disappointed with the service compared to Mercedes or even Honda. And a lot of Mustangs and F150's cost more than a...
  14. speedfrk


    I custom paint bikes for very picky customers- and I'd definitely clear any parts you put on. Make sure they are surgically clean, scuffed thoroughly including the edges and rinsed with lacquer thinner. Most of the parts you get are right out of the mold and will have mold release on them still...
  15. speedfrk

    The big Intercooler thread.

    Haha, he's just trolling... if you want a fast car, go get a C7 Vette. They are cheap and will eat a GT's lunch... Plus, if Ford wanted, they could drop the 3.5 Eco in a Mustang and it would outperform the GT pretty easily.
  16. speedfrk

    Am I way off base here?

    The average dealer loses money on every new car they sell. That's average- they make money on some, lose money on others. With internet search literally all over the country and cheap flights or delivery, everything has changed in the past 20 years. They have to keep them rolling off the lot to...
  17. speedfrk

    2018-2019 Ford Performance Ecoboost Tune Released

    I'd leave it alone for the time being and use the best gas you can get.
  18. speedfrk

    2018-2019 Ford Performance Ecoboost Tune Released

    Give it a couple hundred miles to learn and then do your 0-60. Should be pretty noticeable.
  19. speedfrk

    Choice of 2018 GT or 2019 GT

    You're going to be buying some expensive Michelin's pretty soon, lol.