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  1. RazzaRossa

    Good, Honest dealer to buy from in the Tampa Bay area?

    I bought mine at Brandon Ford off the lot back in 3/19. I searched their site for my specific wants and found one. The lot it was on was not the dealership, it was a high fenced well lit secure lot specifically for car inventory, they had at least 60-70 mustangs when I went, so they had a lot of...
  2. RazzaRossa

    Any Good Driving Roads in FL?

    Ex-Burgher here as well. Florida roads are smooth, straight...and boring, but it beats he salt encrusted potholed turn-of-the-century wagon routes of western PA. Take a weekend and head up to The tail of the Dragon, or the Blue Ridge Parkway in western NC. Worth the trip, and your car gets to...
  3. RazzaRossa

    The 1,000HP S550 hill climber

    He gots a little poke on that wheel/tire combo.
  4. RazzaRossa

    New Sleeved Engine Installed

    Sorry, "DEAD" Spool, but Twin spool works too I guess...
  5. RazzaRossa

    What did you name your Mustang?

    Pootie 'Tang, a car to BAD for words...
  6. RazzaRossa

    My first new Mustang in over 20 years...

    Yep, The Switchfire with active exhaust is awesome, my favorite mod so far. Yours looks and sounds fantastic.
  7. RazzaRossa

    New Sleeved Engine Installed

    'Effin nice Twin Spool, can't wait to see Dyno numbers.
  8. RazzaRossa

    Possible rear end change

    There is a recent thread on even lower gear ratios (4:56/4:88). If you really want some low end grunt. They come with issues though, makes some good reading. Mine has 3.73's and I'm wanting a little more, contemplating the 4:56's.
  9. RazzaRossa

    Pulsing Start Button for 2018 Mustang

    Automotive Engineer: We've determined that pulsing the start button led every 1/2 second will indicate an accessory position, or ready to start condition". Marketing Babe: "I was grooming the pony my dad bought me for my birthday the other day, and noticed his little heat beat dropped to 30...
  10. RazzaRossa

    Supercharged Mustang Hits 178 MPH Running From Arkansas Police

    “It's got a cop motor, a 392-cubic-inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. So what do you say, is it the new Mustang6GMbobile or what?” “Fix the cigarette lighter.”
  11. RazzaRossa

    Supercharged Mustang Hits 178 MPH Running From Arkansas Police

    We use to say, "You can't outrun a Motorola" (Police Radio).
  12. RazzaRossa

    Ford to Supply Engines for De Tomaso.......

    Modern Coyote powered Pantera?!?!? Mid engine GT500 powered Italian sports car?!?! Something Ford would not build?
  13. RazzaRossa

    Do new coyote 5.0 'Stangs have the same distinct Mustang sound as the fox and 90/00s?

    "Small" blocks have their place, Or should I say or the only place as far as newFord products go, and our new cars are light years ahead from the roots they sparing from. For me, the best sounding Mustang ever was a '67 Solid lifter 427 side oiler. I know, none came from the factory that way...
  14. RazzaRossa

    I need help figuring out what this part is and where it goes

    The white clip looks like one of those little scented clips they put in your ac vents at a car wash. My wife gets them in her Escape. Or not...
  15. RazzaRossa

    Mustang puzzle...

    They made a mistake in the year listings for the first 2 generations...
  16. RazzaRossa

    Things you'd like to see added to this gen or in the next gen Mustang

    For me, I'd like a quality shifter for the M6. How about "Performance Screen" options on the center display that Shows all the engine vitals like temps, lap times Etc. Not on the little display between the gauges. And no, I don't wan't the digital dash.
  17. RazzaRossa

    FL2K racing event - Who's going???

    Local for me, So I'll be there riding the pine.
  18. RazzaRossa

    Imagine if your new GT500 was on this ...

    Some great parts cars should be coming available at auction Soon.
  19. RazzaRossa

    Shaker vs. B&O system. How do they compare? Worth the money?

    Don't cut a wire, buy this, If you screw up you can push the wire back in. It's cheap, and in your tool box...
  20. RazzaRossa

    Short Cinematic Mustang GT Film

    Damn good son. Looking forward to longer version with rev match added in for the total driving experience.