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  1. Freedom

    Instrument Panel

    Please try a clay bar or some car polish. You can apply the polish with a microfiber towel.
  2. Freedom

    Instrument Panel

    Did yours have the issue when u got it or it came about?
  3. Freedom

    Auto transmission issue, Suggestions.

    You tapped the left paddle and it went to 1st gear. Like others said, if you put the shifter into "S" its automatic but goes into full manual mode if you tap either paddles at least once and will show your current gear in orange. If you don't want it it go to into full manual, use the driver...
  4. Freedom

    Removing factory spoiler: can I trust local car shop?

    The shop or you can handle it. I did it myself and it was clean no issues except how long the adhesive took to clean. I didnt have an eraser wheel.
  5. Freedom

    Anyone Make Custom CF Interior Panels

    TruFiber makes CF stuff. If you're talking custom custom as in custom to your spec then my bad. Ngauge as far as i remember does fit in the air...
  6. Freedom

    Noise / Rattle - Driver side - help needed

    I'm starting to think theres a loose screw in the dash. Oh a common one, The driver side footwell has an aluminum looking rectangular box. Thats the amp, in the gt350, that has been known to cause rattles. video on it. I believe this has a high chance of being ur solution
  7. Freedom

    A/C Evaporator Factory Defect these guys sell ESP for those out of warranty already. You will need a dealer inspection.
  8. Freedom

    Interior Quarter Panel Trim Question

    Yes. And velcro at the bottom by the kickpanel.
  9. Freedom

    Interior Quarter Panel Trim Question

    There is a rectangular trim that holds onto the seat belt retension. Leave it dangling when unclipped. Pic below. When I did it, I removed the seat bottoms (Use your hand and push inside the center underneath each seat) but I left the rear seat backing laying flat.
  10. Freedom

    Exhaust Identification

    Welcome! Sync 3 is indeed a must!
  11. Freedom

    A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Anyones AC at Speed 1 sometimes for a few seconds at a time blow faster then throttles back down to 1?
  12. Freedom

    Instrument Panel

    Can you feel the spots? If so its prob water spots/chemical. Use a clay bar to wipe it off. Otherwise, good luck.
  13. Freedom

    California and LT Headers

    Theres like a period of time after u go back to stock that the system has to go through to become "ready state" could be couple hundreds-thousand miles. From what I hear in Socal and here in Norcal, cops don't care. Now if your car is obnoxiously loud they make check it out. I don't know anyone...
  14. Freedom

    Why have I lost 20hp+?

    455/472 is 3.5% difference. I'd relax about it...
  15. Freedom

    Noise / Rattle - Driver side - help needed

    Have u checked the engine bay? In particular the cowl/windshield wiper portion.
  16. Freedom

    Join me in fixing the center speaker issue

    just did it to my 2016. squeezed the white collar holder on both sides and it pops out. I use a really thin needle tool/pick to push on the the wire terminal retainer as pictured on Page 8 but the wire wouldn't budge. I used my needle to push on middle terminal contact until it wouldnt budge...
  17. Freedom

    Small accident - Insurance or out of pocket?

    What had to be replaced?
  18. Freedom

    Noise / Rattle - Driver side - help needed

    I remember people saying that the sideskirt pushpins weren't pushed in all the way. Go underneath your car and push them back in if thats ur issue. Good luck!
  19. Freedom

    The digital dash conundrum:(

    The digital dash upgrade is valued at $2200 (cost to upgrade after purchase) which is the same as the 401A package. Hope this info helps your decision. If DD is something you'll get down the road, Id probably recommend waiting a bit longer when price go down or you have $2K more to spend. The...
  20. Freedom

    Options for moving the front USB port to the center console

    when we were first getting carplay sync 3 updates, I bought a F150 Hub. I haven't tested both usb ports together at the same time, but they both worked individually and Id bet they both work together.