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  1. ihc95

    Effect of added weight on performance.

    You won't feel 38lbs.
  2. ihc95

    New 2020 GT has an oil leak

    Your oil filter may have become loose. Seems to be the most common type of oil leak on here.
  3. ihc95

    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Yup that's correct. Regardless of what drive mode, manual or automatic, the car will not go past 6800rpm in 6th gear. In manual mode, it'll run into a soft limiter at 6800. In automatic, it'll short shift at 6800. Other A10 owners have reported the same behavior. Obviously it's not a big deal...
  4. ihc95

    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Could anyone else with this kit on an A10 confirm the 6/7 shift goes to redline? That's the only reason I'm considering it, I hate that the stock tune only goes to 6800 rpm in 6th. Removing the top speed limiter would be nice too, but I kind of doubt Ford would do that.
  5. ihc95

    Original owners group

    Picked my car up May 1, 2018 brand new from the dealer and I've been thoroughly it. This is my first new car and while there's certainly great deals to be had on the used market, there's something special to me about being the first owner. I know my car has always been taken care of, always...
  6. ihc95

    Another wheel fitment question. Will stock work?

    Your stock tires will work just fine. Interesting recommendation from AM, as the front tires would be taller than the rear.
  7. ihc95

    10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    I'd try another dealer then. I watched the tech pull the update from the computer and load it into the car. My cars dash lit up like a Christmas tree in the process. The fact that your transmission was smooth at first but then got jerky again definitely sounds like a software issue and not a...
  8. ihc95

    10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    Are you sure you got the update or did your dealer just reset adaptive learning and tell you they updated it? It sounds like the latter to me. I had to show actual proof to my dealer there was an update for them to do it. My car also had the jerk from P to D and R to D, and the jerky...
  9. ihc95

    WOT Hit then Puff of White Smoke and Low Oil Pressure Light

    Another way of knowing is to simply check the dipstick at the dealership before you go home. Keep us updated OP.
  10. ihc95

    model bullitt

    Nice work! GT Spirit makes a 1/18 2019 Bullitt if you want a perfect replica. The only thing is it's resin and not true diecast, so there are no opening parts and the wheels don't turn/roll. It is beautifully detailed though. I have their orange fury GT.
  11. ihc95

    10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    Agreed that Chevy has the better factory tune, but a majority of 10 speed Mustangs have been fine. And when they do have shifting issues, most of them can be resolved with a simple software update from Ford (as with my car).
  12. ihc95

    10 speed short shifting from 6th to 7th?

    I did a little more research and it looks like we aren't alone with the short shift issue. I have no idea why the factory tune would do this. Oh well, I'm looking at the Ford performance tune or an aftermarket tune now to correct this. By the way, since you have an early build 2018, I...
  13. ihc95

    10 speed short shifting from 6th to 7th?

    Hey guys, No matter what drive mode I'm in, and regardless of whether I'm in manual or auto, my car will not let me rev out to the redline in 6th gear. It'll either short shift or run into a soft limiter at ~6800 rpm around 120mph. For reference, my car is a late 2018 PP1, stock tune and never...
  14. ihc95

    Are you gonna trade your current mustang in when the s650 comes out?

    The S650 would need to be a hell of an upgrade for me to consider it. To be honest, I'm a car enthusiast that loves all types of cars. If I were to spend big money on another performance car, I would want to try something different, maybe a Porsche or a C8...
  15. ihc95

    New Mustang GT PP1 or New BMW M4 with Competition Package?

    I also had a 335i coupe with the N54 and that car was awesome. It was FBO with a Cobb tune. The reliability on mine wasn't that bad either, although the water pump going out sucked. Even though I like my Mustang better overall, there's no doubt my E92 was the better built car.
  16. ihc95

    New Mustang GT PP1 or New BMW M4 with Competition Package?

    In case you didn't know, the GT350 has engine noise piped in through the speakers and the GTs have the dreaded "sound tube" coming from the intake into the cabin. Modern cars are so well insulated that companies need to do this in order to get engine sound into the cabin.
  17. ihc95

    New Mustang GT PP1 or New BMW M4 with Competition Package?

    If money were no object, I'd take the M4. Don't get me wrong, I love my 2018 GT PP1 like its my child, but the BMW is just in a different league. BMWs are heavily underrated, so they're making at least the same power as our GTs but with way more torque. The build quality is also much better on...
  18. ihc95

    2020 Ecoboost Mustang Slow At Altitude?

    Are you using premium or regular fuel? The Ecoboost loses a lot of power on regular.
  19. ihc95

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Damn. That thing sits perfectly. What springs?
  20. ihc95

    Would you say the number of service bays at a dealer dictates a products quality?

    Off topic but it is a shame what has happened to Nissan in the past ~10 years. They used to make attractive, well built, and reliable cars, but they have been junk for past decade. I'm mostly blaming their awful management, partnership with Renault, and that dreaded CVT...