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  1. Selling gt350.. do you let someone test drive?

    Vette the person out before letting them go on a test drive. I would absolutely go along for the test drive. It would be difficult to sell the vehicle if you don't let the potential buyer drive the vehicle.
  2. Putting the car on jack stands for the winter

    Get some race ramp flat stoppers. That's your best solution. You don't want to leave your suspension components uncompressed for too long.
  3. Cat removal

    I installed my catless b line mid pipes a few weeks back and installed them with o2 extenders. I know the pipes already have o2 extenders welded onto the pipes, but I added another o2 for added insurance. No cel lights so far and I have been thoroughly enjoying the added loudness. I can no...
  4. JBL door speakers

    I upgraded my old 2018 GT350 to all infinity reference speakers and noticed a nice improvement. I went with Infinity because the ohm ratings are closest to the oem 3ohms. I still have all of the paper junk speakers from my GT350 in my basement.
  5. 2019 GT350 and Gt350R production numbers.

    Try this link. It shows the 2019 model year.
  6. MSS tire life help

    Your tires were manufactured the 34th week in 2015. Tires are expensive on our cars, theres no way around it. It's one of the costs to owning the car.
  7. GT350 Track Attack 8/18/2020

    We officially ended a little earlier at around 4:30pm. You will have plenty of time to make it to the airport by 8pm. Keep in mind that is also around the time of rush hour traffic. Like Joe had mentioned, you won't make the 6:15 flight, unless you're willing to miss the end of the event.
  8. GT350 Track Attack 8/18/2020

    I finally had some time to upload the videos I took at the GT350 Track Attack event. To all those who were worried that the Charlotte Motor Speedway venue was going to be a downgrade from the UMC track, rest assure that this venue is definitely not a boring round track. In fact, I actually...
  9. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    I had a blast at the event and meeting you fellas!
  10. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    I guess I got lucky. I called yesterday afternoon and was able to reschedule my April 12th to Aug 17-18. I didn't experience any hold or wait times. Keep calling until you get someone on the phone.
  11. I finally installed rear seats into my R

    I haven't thought about it because quite frankly, it hasn't bothered me. I just needed the seats to hold car seats in place and they cover all the stitchings. I do recall someone talking about using a red fabric pen and coloring the threads. I'm not sure if they ever went through with it though.
  12. 2019 GT350 R seat belts

    Message "honeybadger". He has converted his whole car into a race car.
  13. Kid showing off to friends smashes Dads GT350R into the garage.

    Cold starts have fast idle and quickly releasing the clutch after starting the car will cause the car to jump forward. The e brake was also either not engaged at all or not fully engaged.
  14. Kid showing off to friends smashes Dads GT350R into the garage.

    These kids never learn about recording their buddies mess ups and posting it online for the world to see. Lol
  15. Kid showing off to friends smashes Dads GT350R into the garage.

    Does anyone know the owner of this car? The OP is from Michigan. This kid is sooo dead.
  16. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    The program begins the 1st night at 5:30 with a dinner reception. The following day will start at 8am and end at 5pm.
  17. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    There is no option to pay. This event is only valid for those within the 1 year of purchase. If you're only slightly over the 1 year, I would call them and ask them to extend your eligibility.
  18. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    Nope. Valid only for the original purchaser.
  19. 2020 GT350 Track Attack Registration Now Open

    I called all day yesterday and even left a voice message, but no one ever called me back. I resorted to my old strategy of continuous calling until someone picked up. I wouldn't recommend trying to speak to anyone in particular in trying to register for the event. As long as you can get...
  20. Quickjack and Steeda Jacking Rails Question

    Gotcha! You had me worried there for a second. :whew: the guideline tape is a great idea!