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  1. Trackaholic

    MY 19 GT350 vs any GT350R?

    I believe the term you are looking for is "wiener war." On topic though, I have a GT350 non-R and love it. Mine is a 2016 with 41,000 miles and it is an awesome car. While there are some things about the R I wish I had, there are also many things about the non-R that I prefer. 1. When I...
  2. Trackaholic

    GT350 referenced on C&D article about Cayman GT4

    Both cars are amazing, and very different in feel from eachother. I haven't driven a GT4, but I have been in a Cayman S and the size difference alone is very noticeable. The GT350 is a big car. It shrinks around you as you drive, but is still much larger and heavier than the GT4. i like that...
  3. Trackaholic

    2020 GT500 vs Corvette C8 Z51 which one is faster at willow springs? TIMES!

    I’m still surprised no one else has done something similar yet. It is really a nice feature. -T
  4. Trackaholic

    Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    Here is a video from April 1 comparing COVID-19 with the normal flu. The main takeaway from the video is the COVID-19 kills people 3-4X more than the flu already, and many places have yet to reach their peaks. The other takeaway is that the flu deaths are relatively consistent year to year...
  5. Trackaholic

    COVID-19 Question.....................

    One thing I think that makes the situation difficult is that people have a hard time understanding exponential growth. And with this virus, with its relatively long gestation period, it is especially difficult since you are operating with information that is a week or more old (by the time...
  6. Trackaholic

    COVID-19 Question.....................

    Hey Vlad thank you for the post regarding the situation in your country. I think most in this forum would not have been able to relate without such a thorough explanation. Much easier to see where you are coming from. Take care. -T
  7. Trackaholic

    Custom shift dial

    Regarding the shift knob, I believe it is also used in other cars. You might check those forums to see if there is interest. Might help get the project off the ground. -T
  8. Trackaholic

    Registering in California

    The smog abatement systems have a number of self checks that must be passed in order for the initial smog check to be successful. Depending on how the car is driven those checks can take a while. So usually you want to put some miles on the car before getting it checked. it is strange that...
  9. Trackaholic

    GT350 Long term ownership information to share?

    40,000 miles on mine. 6 Track days. Runs great. Awesome to drive. -T
  10. Trackaholic

    How's The Clutch?

    My 2016 clutch is going strong at 40,000 miles and 6 track days. The transmission probably could use a fluid change as it whines a little in first gear. The shifter is a bit notchy getting into second gear when cold, but once things warm up the shifting is great. Mine shifts better the higher...
  11. Trackaholic

    The Third Pedal: On Track Experiences With The GT500 and GT350

    Great writing Terrence. Been a long time since I’ve been at the track (last track day was your Thunderhill event back in October 2018), but I’m itching to get back out there. Love Sonoma and reading your story brought back some great memories of that track. If you ever decide to organize...
  12. Trackaholic

    Top Gear claims GT500 is the best muscle car you can buy

    I would agree that only the high powered challenger is a muscle car in the traditional sense. The Mustang and Camaro are more focused on handling now, and aren’t roomy enough to be muscle cars. They are pony cars. In my (correct) opinion of course. -T
  13. Trackaholic

    Longevity of the Voodoo Motor

    Just over 40,000 miles on mine including 6 track days. I burn some oil, about a 1 quart every 1500 miles I believe. I change the oils when the car tells me. Car runs great IMO. I am on my third windshield, though, due to cracks from rocks. -T
  14. Trackaholic

    2020 GT500 VS 2020 C8 On Track at VIR

    Audio was terrible, but so was the editing. Way to cut up the lap and make it extremely difficult to follow. MT has been doing that for ages, so not sure if they are behind it or if it was the one who created this video, but boy was it tough to watch. I really liked how the cut to a corner in...
  15. Trackaholic

    Drag Race Showdown: 2020 GT500 vs Challenger Hellcat Redeye vs Camaro ZL1!

    Great discussion video. Seemed very fair regarding all the cars and what makes each one so great. -T
  16. Trackaholic

    2020 GT500 vs Redeye Drag Racing StangMode vs Mod2fame

    I think we first need to decide what we are bragging about here. The Dodge was the quicker car (better ET). The Mustang won two races. This should allow fans of either to claim victory. What a nice compromise. -T
  17. Trackaholic

    2019 Oil Consumption update & Question

    I’ve had oil consumption for quite a while now. A quart every 1500-2000 miles I believe. Just getting to 40,000 miles with no noticeable change in performance, so I think for many it is just the way the engine runs, while for others it gets much worse and becomes a problem. You really just...
  18. Trackaholic

    Trackaholic's GT350 Experience

    I ended up catching two rats in the trap over a couple week period. Second bugger shown below (he had also eaten the poison and died from that since obviously the trap only caught his tail). I tried many things to keep the rats away, including stench spray and laundry sheets. That second rat...
  19. Trackaholic

    Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    Very fun video, results as expected, worn tires or no. GT500 and ZL1 1LE are so close in performance, that there will always be a minute variable (or a significant variable) that someone can use to dispute the results. In the end it is just bragging rights for fanboys (and girls). Both cars...
  20. Trackaholic

    GT500 artwork done right

    Really cool. I do mechanical engineering, so lots of cad work, and I am amazed at what the artistic types in our company can come up with. The details on those car models above is incredible. Are those 3D models, or are they 2d drawings? Either way, very cool. -T