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  1. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    more of a driveway shot...the garage isn't much to look at as it's mostly full of mountain bikes...but the R does sleep there as well. Left outside are the Raptor, the two RS's that the kids drive, and my wife's 'RS' (aka Macan GTS)
  2. List of Ford Dealerships That Don't Charge ADM

    ok, 'folk' not 'folks' that guy's been right about pretty much everything he's said for the 3 or so years...might want to consider that. enjoy the R and the Raptor. they're both outstanding. Morgan Hill may be a 'small' town but TFSMH is the biggest dealership in the bay area and one of the...
  3. List of Ford Dealerships That Don't Charge ADM

    fwiw, George is the GSM, not the GM. Since I don't know you, it'd be kinda hard for me to advocate on your behalf, particularly given the pissing match you're started with folks in this thread who've contributed a lot here. Best way to influence an outcome there is to be a solid long-standing...
  4. List of Ford Dealerships That Don't Charge ADM

    not even on the first one they got and they didn't know, at that time, if there'd be anymore. That delivery even drew a small crowd ;-)
  5. Project Ryu King of the Streets | Streetfighter Package | 325/30/19 Square setup

    what is this car supposed to be good at? ie. what's the design goal?
  6. OXFORD WHITE GT350/R Thread

    agreed. it was either that or the AG / black stripes for me...and I went AG.
  7. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    hard to imagine what a louder 'R' sounds like. audio clip perhaps?
  8. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    awesome Mustang talk.

    To get specialty stuff from the folks in Morgan Hill, you have to get on their list and order. FWIW, the San Leandro store is owned by different people / run completely differently.

    The Ford Store Morgan Hill doesn't charge ADM's on anything to anyone. Cool V wagon...I like those.
  11. Looking for base R (920A) trunk pics

    No detectable overspray in mine...must mean that AG really is just primer ;-) (The darker paint around the landing pads for the rollbar was added by my cage builder)
  12. I bought a Porsche...SUV...what?!

    My wife was due for a new car and we did a lot of research and drove a lot of different brands before setting on a Macan. Her last two cars were Ford Edge's...the '15 Sport we just turned in (from it's lease) was a really nice car. But she's been pining for something a little more 'edgy.'...
  13. Looking for base R (920A) trunk pics

    Chris, where'd you get the inflation kit? I'd like to get one for my car...makes sense. I also need to find replacement fluid for the kit in one of my RS's as I used it (successfully) but I've only ever found the whole kits for sale.
  14. Looking for base R (920A) trunk pics

    so is trunk doesn't show any signs of overspray...but how would I know, anyway ;-)
  15. 12 miles in 10 days !!!

    that is sad.
  16. 6 point Harness in a GT350 w/o a roll bar?

    Hey man, I don't want to be argumentative, but you are completely off base on this one. It doesn't matter what x/10th's you're doing...shit happens...and relying on gov't safety standards for rollover or whatever is simply not enough. Of course you can't do 10/10th's of this're not...
  17. 6 point Harness in a GT350 w/o a roll bar?

    you should really consider upping your safety game if you're tracking that beast. for people shying away from a rollbar because they don't want to drill, consider what I did. (one issue with bolt-ins is that the location of the feet has to take into consideration access from underneath the car...
  18. 6 point Harness in a GT350 w/o a roll bar?

    1. don't use a harness without a rollbar. just don't. if you can't get your hear wrapped around having even a simple rollbar in your car, don't take your car to the track. Simple as that. These cars are so fast...doesn't matter your experience's just a recipe for disaster. 2. WITH a...
  19. Private Track Event - Buttonwillow Raceway 4/16/18

    off topic but I was on the freeway the other day alongside a red w/ white stripes car here in San Jose. Just posting here to say hi. great looking ride, man.