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  1. Spork3245

    Magneride feels floaty

    I have a PP1 (US) with Magneride. It certainly doesn’t feel floaty in any driving mode. What is your tire pressure at?
  2. Spork3245

    NAV finds wrong position for address in Chicago (~1 mile off)

    Is this all addresses in the area or just on a particular street? Many times, the gps has to “guess” the location of a house number on newer roads/newer houses so it can be a little off. The same occurs with Google/Apple Maps as well. However, if this is consistent on all addresses in a...
  3. Spork3245

    Summary of 2021 Ford Mustang Changes: There’s good news and bad news

    If you can’t figure out why someone would use cruise control, let alone ACC, you’re either trolling and/or being purposefully obtuse. JFC.
  4. Spork3245

    2020 Shelby GT500

    New account, 2 posts, both sharing the same video. So, that’s your channel and you want views. Cool.
  5. Spork3245

    Wireless charging kit

    The initial setup can be difficult if you’re not tech savy, but after that the only issues that seem to occur are sometimes after a major iOS version update (ie: v13.x to 14.x) you’ll need to update the firmware for your adapter due to new permissions and what-not, and sometimes it takes a few...
  6. Spork3245

    Wireless charging kit

    There are a ton of third party wireless CarPlay adapters available.
  7. Spork3245

    Center console storage question

    Not as clean as that $200 one... but 90% cheaper :p
  8. Spork3245

    Center console storage question

    That’s great looking, but not for $200 lol
  9. Spork3245

    Ford factory speakers, omg!

    What sub did you upgrade to from the B&O one?
  10. Spork3245

    Apple CarPlay issue

    Are you using a genuine/certified cable? Latest iOS version?
  11. Spork3245

    MyMode Issue

    Press the up or down arrows on the steering wheel
  12. Spork3245

    Cruise control display response sluggish GT 2020

    Same for me. The vehicle reacts instantly, it’s just the display sometimes lagging, thankfully.
  13. Spork3245

    Sync 3.4 - volume adjustment issues

    Not on the date of the post you quoted. :p
  14. Spork3245

    Update: pulled the trigger - GT Perf Pack 2 - ride quality???

    If you’re not going to track it, I would stick with a PP1, simply for the stock tires being better to DD with.
  15. Spork3245

    Incredibly stupid Heated Steering Wheel question.

    It’s on my 19’s home screen from the factory as well.
  16. Spork3245

    Incredibly stupid Heated Steering Wheel question.

    The screen it’s on is the Sync3 infotainment screen (on the home screen), not the digital gauge cluster’s screen
  17. Spork3245

    Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    I only tested AA nav once via my friend’s phone so I could continue to be annoyed at the lack of it displaying in the gauge cluster for Apple CarPlay. However, from my knowledge and what I’ve seen, it’s not normal, no - on the infotainment/Sync3 screen, are the units in metric as well or are...
  18. Spork3245

    Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    New UI and graphics, a bit faster/snappier to respond to inputs.