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  1. rob_s

    2021 gt dealership allotment

    The dealership should know when you go in. I ordered my 16 in June 2015, and they told me the only new option for my build was the silver PP wheels.
  2. rob_s

    Another recall for Ford

    My 2016 was repaired under warranty because the soft nylon around the wiring chafed from opening and closing the trunk, and they replaced it with hard plastic.
  3. rob_s

    Has anybody with a stock PP1 car driven it on Rhino ramps in reverse?

    Plenty of room. You can see how much daylight I have in front.
  4. rob_s

    S550 Road Tripping (Leave your long distance pros and cons)

    The longest I've driven in one day is 9 hours/630 mi. Filled up on the way out of town, and then only had to fill up once, about 30 miles into the return trip. Averaged over 25 mpg for the trip with 3.73 gears. A few cons I've noticed during that and other trips: the Recaro seats have no lumbar...
  5. rob_s

    Best all around summer tire for the GT - Street / Handling

    PS4S is probably the best if price is no issue. I have the Continental ExtremeContact Sport which are fantastic, rate about even with the old Pilot Super Sport, but are a good deal cheaper. Good in the dry, good in the wet, even manage to be driveable if we get a morning in the upper 30s before...
  6. rob_s

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    One year to the day since the last one (only about 5,600 mi). 5 quarts, right?
  7. rob_s

    Ford Dealers are Terrible

    Yes, they sent it to the best body shop in town. Matches perfectly. It's been over a year and a half and no corrosion <fingers crossed>. They also cleared the underside of the hood, so it's glossy. I took the liner off to show off the Mustang logo, so the gloss is sort of a unique feature of my...
  8. rob_s

    Ford Dealers are Terrible

    Yeah, in 2018 I noticed the paint bubbling on the underside all the way at the front. Ford warrantied it and the dealer coordinated with a local body shop to paint and install it. Mustang hood corrosion has been a thing at least since 2005. I heard a theory that since they're the only aluminum...
  9. rob_s

    Ford Dealers are Terrible

    This thread makes me feel lucky I've had mostly positive experiences with my dealer. They're a Roush dealer, so the techs aren't as likely to hot rod mine when they have blown Mustangs and F-150s coming through all day. Courtesy shuttle to drop you off and pick you up anywhere in town. They'll...
  10. rob_s

    Replacement battery suggestions?

    I'm not sure those symptoms are the battery. If it's turning over then stuttering or dying the battery already did it's job, and something else isn't right. While it's not impossible especially if it sat on the dealer lot, a 2019 shouldn't be dying already. I still have the factory battery on my...
  11. rob_s

    Brake pad change question. (brembos)

    The service interval is when they're worn. If you're a light braker you might get tens of thousands of miles out of a set. If you do a 3-day track weekend you'll probably go through a fresh set and into a second set. If they're worn down so that the groove disappears or the little metal tab...
  12. rob_s

    First track day- self tech form question

    Tire Rack says those tires have 7.2/32 when new. I'm not sure what the wear bars measure at, but if you're down to 2/32 or less, they're probably about done. And maybe you'll get away with 2/32 if it's dry, but if it rains, you'll be sitting in the paddock while the operator counts your money.
  13. rob_s

    General Maintenance 2016 Question

    Unless you know the miles put on the car were hard, like track work, I'd just follow the owner's manual. And with that low of miles, you'll probably be looking at the time interval of the "x miles or y years" side of the equation. Also, I don't know how it works when you buy used, but are you...
  14. rob_s

    Am I way off base here?

    I wouldn't expect a routine look around to be free unless it was negotiated when you bought the car. But the dealer by me does still offer free trips through the scratch and swirl machine and a vacuum every time you bring the car in, whether for routine maintenance, warranty repairs, or...
  15. rob_s

    Manual VS Auto

    I will say because my Mustang is my DD, when I drive something else with an automatic, I try to put my left foot down only to realize there's nothing to do, and then I get nervous when I start it that it'll lurch because I don't have the clutch in.
  16. rob_s

    What tires is everyone using?

    Conti EC Sport in the summer and Blizzak LM-32 in the winter. Although this will probably be the last winter on this set, don't know if I'll get them again. They're good, but are they ever expensive.
  17. rob_s

    More Ford Suckage!!

    If you don't want to spend $250 on a fitted one, here's one for $10. Also be careful near the stove because it's hot and be careful with scissors because they're sharp.
  18. rob_s

    MAF Sensor Contaminated - Replace?

    Has cleaning it held for you? I just came across this thread because my dealer called me back saying the MAF is f***ed. I have the PP2 and was parked for about 2 hours in the heavy rain we got from Olga last Saturday. Parked facing south, with the wind out of the northeast, perfect to inundate...
  19. rob_s

    What is the most pointless thing you've bought for your S550?

    Not necessarily for the S550, but because of it, I bought these Mustang cufflinks. I own at least 3 other pairs of cufflinks, and wear French cuffs at most twice a year. So on average they get worn once every 2 years.