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  1. GT 15-17 Roush Phase 2 supercharger kit

    Will it work on a 2018?
  2. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    I got two of those off of amazon, do I really need a box?
  3. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    How much are we talking quantity wise and price wise?
  4. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    Thanks, found it - ordered 2 and of those heat shields and 2 quarts of Royal Purple 75w-140 oil
  5. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    hey can one of you guys link me to the heat shields to buy (and how many Ineeed)? I am planning some track time this summer.
  6. 2019 PP2 Winter Wheel fitment

    Now to revive an old thread... Short story, had an eb... now have a pp2... have 4 tires and wheels in my garage ( advanti dst svelo, 20x9 40mm offset front, 20x10 42mm offset rear) with 255/35-30 and 275/35-20 Sumitomo HTR Z5 Max Performance summer tires. I am thinking the following - take...
  7. Oil Recommendations for 19 PP2

    I've been reading through the forums here and essentially - a higher viscosity differential fluid plus exhaust heat shields will go a long way. Before adding a differential cooler of my own (which I will do at some point later) I need a temporary improvement in behavior in preparation for my...
  8. Oil Recommendations for 19 PP2

    Yeah so the manual basically says to use 5w-20 for daily and switch to 5w-30 for track use..
  9. Oil Recommendations for 19 PP2

    Understood, so 99 percent of my driving will be daily commuting/running errands. However, I do plan to run a few track days this summer.. Do you think it would be best to use a 20/30 weight around town and then switch to a 50 before my track day, and switch bak right after? What are the new...
  10. Oil Recommendations for 19 PP2

    Guys, So I am right at 1k miles (took me two months though with all the current shutdowns and all..) finally, and that means first oil change time. What do you guys use in the PP2? I remember my Boss 302 Laguna Seca used 5-50, while pretty much all my other mustangs were running 5-30. Also...
  11. Castrol Edge 0w-40 European Formula

    so brief update, I now have a GT PP2, and am nearing 1k miles and my first oil change.... Just wondering if 5-30 should be ok...
  12. I am now back in a Mustang!! GT PP2 this time

    This is amazing and super helpfull, thanks a lot. II think this one Ill actually keep for a good bit seeing the potential for the platform (and 0apr deal I got, lol). If I understood that GTs have the capability to reach 1000 hp I'd still probably be driving my ruby red pp with leather reacros...
  13. I am now back in a Mustang!! GT PP2 this time

    Guys, as an update to my previous post, please help shool me on the intake and tune I should get and if it realistically will bring me much power?
  14. I am now back in a Mustang!! GT PP2 this time

    Guys, After giving up my 2018 EB PP in October and a brief stint in an Electric Hyundai Hatchback I am back! Still have all EB aftermarket parts in my garage (All CP-e stuff) so if anyone wants anything ping me, I never did get the part out thing right. Yesterday I traded that little blue...
  15. Built vs. Bought pre-purchase decision

    I know what is being referred to here. The steering on the gt pp feels boatlike next to an ebpp. I don't know what the official numbers are for road course and slalom and stuff but definitely the feel of the handling is better in the EBPP Right a base eco is not an EBPP and handling has...
  16. Oklahoma 2016 GT350 Avalanche Grey 3800 miles

    Where in the us are you?
  17. Better Deal For The Money: 2019 Base GT or 2020 Base EB HPP

    I will stick my owned mustangs list here: 2012 Boss 302 (bought used) - kept stock 2015 gt premium with performance pack + recaros (bought new) - kept stock (my only track day was in this one) 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca (bought used) -kept stock 2017 EB performance pack (bought new, did not...
  18. Maryland 2015 Mustang Ecoboost for Sale

    maybe we should meet somewhere, Ill take a look :-)