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  1. FastCarFanBoy

    Best Long Block for FI?

    I sold my Procharged SLB '13 last month to a guy that dyno'd it and then did OPG's. It was making 775whp and he sent me a pic of the factory gears.... they looked perfectly fine after 50k/mi. Anecdotal evidence, but evidence none the less.
  2. FastCarFanBoy

    Lund tune experience: at best a C+

    Once you modify the stock tune, 100% stock drivability goes out the window. Live with it, learn to tune yourself or leave it stock.
  3. FastCarFanBoy

    Boundary Black Oil Pump Gear Install

    Maybe its me but the outer circumference of those gears look a little rough.
  4. FastCarFanBoy

    Forced Induction sticky thread?
  5. FastCarFanBoy

    What does a used D1SC go for?

    Stage 2 Gen1 crank pulley is 7.65" You can run the 3.85 safely and smaller if you got big huevos.
  6. FastCarFanBoy

    What does a used D1SC go for?

    Standard diameter crank pulley? You should only be at just under 59k rpm with the 4.0" , D1SC recommended max rpm is 62k
  7. FastCarFanBoy

    Li Tuning & Racing fuel system

    Do the pumps prime when you cycle the key on?
  8. FastCarFanBoy

    Procharger Crank Support:?

    Your crank snout will be fine, but you'll spin all your mains. It's a trade off.
  9. FastCarFanBoy

    Low temp T-stat and E-85

    I run a 170 t-stat and E85. I drive on average once a week for about 20 miles and I haven't had any issues with oil or fuel contamination. Just make sure when you do drive it that you get the oil up to temp for a bit and you will be fine. I run two breathers.
  10. FastCarFanBoy

    Procharger Pulley Swap

    It was sarcasm directed at the mass hysteria over prochargers supposed rampant snout slinging.
  11. FastCarFanBoy

    Procharger Pulley Swap

    Yeah, but their crank snouts won't. :cwl:
  12. FastCarFanBoy

    Deatschwerks X2 Fuel Hat Module with Dual DW400 pumps

    I imagine all you would need is to wire in a 2nd FPDM or get a GT350 FPDM setup as they run 2 pumps returnless from the factory. Have you discussed this with your tuner? Most want you to run a return system as its easier to tune.
  13. FastCarFanBoy

    Need help deciding which procharger

    Dominant1, I've never put more than 4k miles on my blower oil. It's sounded that way since day one.
  14. FastCarFanBoy

    Need help deciding which procharger

    That's how we did it back in 2013.
  15. FastCarFanBoy

    Need help deciding which procharger

    Nah, I wanted all the noise.:rockon:
  16. FastCarFanBoy

    Need help deciding which procharger

    Yes a straight cut procharger sounds like it’s grinding up small pebbles mixed with a 350 chevy that has a squeaky alternator belt. Sounds awesome imo