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  1. familyman

    A Little COVID-19 Humor

    Nope, still not done. Back in the oven with you.
  2. familyman

    Another recall for Ford

    Now Ford is recalling vehicles for the backup camera.:angry:
  3. familyman

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    I guess I'm part of the group since I ditched the Ecoboost for a GT. I got it on my 56th birthday, no one else was going to get it for me, so I took matters into my own hands.:like: I absolutely love it.:inlove:
  4. familyman

    New ride!

    She's a beauty. She's a beauty
  5. familyman

    Is anyone else seeing extended wait times from AM?

    No problems here with my recent orders.
  6. familyman

    S550 owner shows off - into pole

    Instant karma.
  7. familyman

    Engine blew up 20 miles after 2018 mani+tune install.

    That's some serious detonation to do that to the spark plug. Maybe some of the debris in the cylinder if from a valve?
  8. familyman

    what is this?

  9. familyman

    Do not do this

    Some people should leave it to the experts.:shock::shock::shock: Epic wrap failure
  10. familyman

    Getting a new toy

    The only time I let them prep is when it's my dd, or my wife's car.
  11. familyman

    Getting a new toy

    It came from Ohio to my dealer in Michigan.
  12. familyman

    Getting a new toy

    I went to the dealership and took some pics. No PP2 splitter, does have the 6 piston calipers. It hasn't been prepped yet and it is really overcast today. Looked awesome though!
  13. familyman

    Spark plug gap tool? Waste money?

    That is pretty cool. Side note, I've had the same feeler gauges for 35 years. Man am I old.:shock:
  14. familyman

    Getting a new toy

    The pictures I posted were from the dealer website, not taken by me. Those are probably stock photos that all dealers use? I haven't seen it in person yet, they had to get it from an out of state dealer and they got it late yesterday. I'm going to check it out today and take some pics. I looked...