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    Comment by 'cbrookre' in item '2020 GT350R Heritage'

    That is stunning! Congrats!
  2. cbrookre

    Mustang S650 Design Previewed by ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture

    Yes!! I loved the S197 from day 1 as well, but also love the S550 (2015) which is why it was ordered so early, perfect evolution of muscle and style in my opinion. If the S197 had the IRS and interior of the '15 then I may have ended up with an end of production one of those instead. Not a...
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    Do your back windows not close all the way?

    No I did not, but I don't use traditional WD-40. I started using a silicone based spray and it works much better (WD-40 tends to dry out after initial application, where silicone does not).
  4. cbrookre

    Highest mileage s550!?

    My GT Convertible is at 53,xxx. Bought in May 2015. Daily drove it until we got our F150 one year ago. After a few warranty issues early on, it has been rock solid. Oil changes every 5k miles. Is more of a summer vehicle now, with our son finally driving, to save on insurance costs.
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    2015 Mustang Picture Game!

    Let's get this contest back on the map. Mustang in a field... DONE! Next up: Mustang next to a drive-in or 60's style eatery. GO!
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    Anyone here purchased a former rental car?

    I purchased a former rental car 2002 Taurus. Was nervous, but it was a very reliable car for 10 years. Had some problems at that point. I would treat a former rental the same as any used car.
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    A HUGE thanks to the members here.

    Wow, what a powerful story. First, thank you for your service. For that alone, you are amazing. Second, I cannot imagine what you have been through, but so glad to hear that you are recovering! Many of us fret about the problems in our lives, but we must always be reminded that things could...
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    3 Day Old Mustang GT Drifted Right Into Creek

    That's cool, I would do the same. I am just not a big fan of that look on a Mustang. First I have seen it. Have fun fixing it up!
  9. cbrookre

    3 Day Old Mustang GT Drifted Right Into Creek

    Love those tail lights... on a GT. On a Mustang? Not so much...
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    Drive modes - Normal, Sport, etc.

    Sport on the shifter only controls the shift points (more aggressive shift down vs. holding gears for mileage) and paddles. The drive modes affect throttle mapping and traction and stability control mainly. The two operate independently, so if you are in Sport mode of the shifter and normal...
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    My 2020 GT 350 Engine Blew today

    I would venture to guess that most people that have a manual will understand the concept that downshifting too low that forces the engine above redline will be bad or very bad for the engine. But the term "money shift" would not necessarily be associated with that problem.
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    Car seems like it bogs in first?

    Clearly he is granny shifting, not double clutching like he should. :wink:
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    Car seems like it bogs in first?

    Come on guys. Part/half throttle is so out dated. The new "in boys in first" race is 3/4 throttle plus 1%. I really want to know which car is fastest in those conditions, 67 degrees with 85% humidity at 11:23am. All other comparisons are useless. :crazy: Back to the OP, the way that...
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    Texas 50th Anniversary Wheels + Tires. The Whole Package $700!

    Did you sell these or do you still have them? Willing to ship?
  15. cbrookre

    New 50th LE owner

    The good thing is you are both right! Your car, your money, your pleasure. :) Enjoy!
  16. cbrookre

    New 50th LE owner

    Nice looking car! Love those 50th wheels...
  17. cbrookre

    2021 Mustang Refresh Spied!

    OMG! They caught it testing in the snow! All wheel drive is CONFIRMED!!! :crazy:
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    S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    To be clear, I am not against Ford making a two seater, or even making a version of the Mustang that is a two seater (extending it to a performance brand rather than a model, which they seem intent to do). But the Mustang lineup should include something that is capable of transporting 4, even...
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    S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    Why would they want to? So many negative images...
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    S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    There are many people that use the back seats. You are arguing from your specific experience to the general. Mustang in its current form sells well compared to the smaller and lighter Camaro partly because it is more livable. Through the past 5 years and 50,000 miles, my backseat (and trunk...