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  1. Battery fuse on 3.7 litre blown?

    Reversing polarity when installing a battery is a big no-no but shit happens I guess. Anyways, I get a scan tool hooked up to it and see what the issue is. If the car starts and drives normally with everything functioning you should be fine. Also check the voltage reading on the dash if its...
  2. front suspension / grease zert

    If anything you got really lucky you can maintain your ball joints, the "forever" grease they put into modern cars now make no sense to me.
  3. Curious about oil life

    Not properly braking in any vehicle can cause problems like the coyote tick (I'm a strong believer this is due to bad break in procedure combined with bad oil) and the burning of oil over time. As for oil change intervals I don't follow the maintenance lights I'm a controversial believer in...
  4. larger capacity coolant reservoir

    Looks maybe not much for temp wise.
  5. Slight hood bulge after battery replacement (from battery cover)

    Hm. I probably would just go back and get a OEM battery or just go coverless and apply dielectric grease to the terminals so they don't corrode from any water that may get in.
  6. Ford Recall 2015-2017 mustangs for Backup Camera Issues

    If you know how to solder you can repair this yourself very easily. I had the issue and I peeled back the wiring harness to find one wire completely rubbed through (the backup camera wire) and another on the verge of rubbing through as well (radio antenna). I cut both wires, stripped them and...
  7. Slight hood bulge after battery replacement (from battery cover)

    You can adjust the hood to sit higher by turning the plastic bumpers located near the driver and passenger headlight near the front of the vehicles engine bay. This can make the hood sit higher which should eliminate the buldge.
  8. How serious? Possible coolant leak

    My water pump showed signs of failure (leaking for weep hole) at 48k so be prepared for that. Its an easy job I recommend using RTV on top of the replacement gasket when replacing. As for the leak, it probably that o ring that cools the lower intake manifold you can buy a set on rockauto for 26...
  9. Radiator Fan Issue

    120-150 PSI. My theory is a valve inside the A/C system popped loose and was stuck causing the pressures to go out of wack and when the vacuum was placed on the system to recharge it popped it back into place fixing the problem. Common ford issue I guess.
  10. Initial Oil Change thoughts?

    Yeah you want to make sure the car is fully broken in with the special oil they use from the factory, i'd wait to 3k.
  11. Initial Oil Change thoughts?

    What I am about to say is going to be controversial but break-in oil changes should be at three thousand miles and so should every subsequent oil change after that. I've seen too many engines with only a few thousand miles that are filled with sludge because of the shitty oil intervals these...
  12. Radiator Fan Issue

    See this is where I get stuck, can't figure out why. My assumption is that when I got my car used maybe they overcharged the system? Could also be a condenser issue but I checked and everything was clean.
  13. Radiator Fan Issue

    Final Update: This is a PSA to anyone with this issue. Connected a scan tool and physical A/C gauges and found that the low side pressure was magically at 350 PSI in 40 degree weather. Did a full A/C system drain, vacuum and recharge which fixed the issue. DO this before your compressor goes bad.
  14. i need high school chick advice please

    you drive a mustang at 17 the chicks will come to you
  15. Radiator Fan Issue

    Alright, replaced the pressure switch and it didn't fix it. Next step is trying to get a more advanced scan tool to look into it if that doesn't work, a ford dealer.
  16. Radiator Fan Issue

    Yeah its the same thing, you're right with the "high-pressure" part. Its a pressure sensor that detects pressure in the A/C system when the clutch is engaged versus when the clutch is disengaged. Thus turning the fans on or off. I ordered the part waiting for it to arrive.
  17. Radiator Fan Issue

    Yeah pretty much the same issue, when the A/C compressor clutch is engaged the fans are supposed to turn on that normal. However, my car doesn't turn them off even when the A/C clutch is disengaged. This is what led me to think its the A/C Clutch cycle switch, I ordered the part for $30 going to...
  18. Radiator Fan Issue

    Gonna bump this.. Been diagnosing like crazy and still can't figure it out.
  19. 2017 GT Oil Leak Above Oil Filter

    Yeah, could be that or not. Spray the area down with brake clean, check the oil level and drive for a few miles see if it pops up again.
  20. 2017 GT Oil Leak Above Oil Filter

    A possible leak between the oil filter adapter and engine block? Here is a link I found to a possible seal look if it matches up,