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  1. Beefing up a 10R80

    Just an fyi looks like e torx plus
  2. RPM drops on 2019 GT

    The 2018 and up 5.0s have a different purge valve.
  3. RPM drops on 2019 GT

    That is the purge valve
  4. RPM drops on 2019 GT

    Sounds like the intake cam phasers, assuming it happens more when the engine is hot?
  5. FP Plugs vs Denso

    Gen 3 coyote stock have a colder plug already than the gen2 thats why whipple recommends the denso itv24.
  6. Punctured tire and new tire questions.

    Yes it’s repairable, find some one who will do a plug patch. Plug patches are the best repair.
  7. Mustang GT brake fluid color?

    There isn’t a bleeder screw on the slave.
  8. [Solved]

    This It happens a lot, No matter what car I always pull up service data on the car and the oil boy should check the dip stick. But then again im not a dumb ass lube tech.
  9. 2018 GT. What mods to make the Coyote crank out more torque down low?

    Keeping it out of cot is a huge benefit, ive seen the new gt500 pick up 10-20 hp on delete pipes. But im assuming the cats are different than the 5.0 and already flow excellent. Ive looked into adding gesi cats but they are extremely expensive.
  10. 2018 GT. What mods to make the Coyote crank out more torque down low?

    So how many psi equal what hp? So at 6500 a reduction of 1 psi = what gain in hp?
  11. Whipple gen5 tensioner markings

    Thanks idk why I missed that thanks
  12. Whipple gen5 tensioner markings

    Its numbered 100-170.
  13. Whipple gen5 tensioner markings

    Any one know what the ideal setting is on the gen5 tensioner? The tensioner has an arrow and increments on it. Checked the manual and can’t find the ideal setting.
  14. Random ticking from Throttle body ?? ***UPDATE***

    Possible a cam phaser issue, they can make a rattling noise.
  15. Are all Ford dealerships inhabited by stupid and greedy

    Ya i feel you, in my area its bad. Parts and employees at dealerships aren’t there. I know several fellow techs that also left. Honestly warranty's are a joke at this point, we have cars coming to my independent shop from the dealership saying they don’t care they need their car fixed...
  16. Random ticking from Throttle body ?? ***UPDATE***

    Just going to say it’s probably not your throttle body. If you listen to it key on engine off the usually have a hum to them. If something was damaged in it like striped gear or something it’s probably going to cause a code. While running the tb will be oscillating fast at (at very low...
  17. Model year 18 and up F150 manifold VS GT 350 Manifold

    More rear gear and more converter is the answer.
  18. Are all Ford dealerships inhabited by stupid and greedy

    Probably wasn’t the tech that recommended that, usually the dick head service writer adds shit. Low pay and shit pay for jobs have techs leaving in droves. Fuck the dealer and fuck ford warranty pay. I will never go back.