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  1. Anyone Dyno, Has physically Seen, ESS System 800+RWHP?

    I don't see the risk of blowing up your engine as ESS gives specifics on the smallest pulley you should run for your setup. The pulleys they recommend are actually pretty conservative, a lot of people run smaller pulleys than they recommend (me included) and are doing fine. Personally my...
  2. Ford Performance Track Suspension - No Rear Drop

    Yea it's the springs. A couple other forum members had the same issue as well. Ford possibly changed something recently, not sure why. I switched the springs out for the BMR SP083 and the car sits perfectly now
  3. Quiet-ish catback? Is there such a thing?

    Great info, been following your exhaust pressure testing thread and looking for something like this myself. Is this the resonator you're referring to?
  4. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    From your gauge I saw 6.2 psi @ 5800 rpm and 8.8 psi @ 6800 rpm around 6:11 into the video. You mentioned at 8:20 that you're getting a max of 9 psi at 7800 rpm. Did you misspeak? I'd think you should be seeing closer to 11 psi (if not more) at that rpm unless you're getting belt slip which...
  5. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Nice! Next up is @Brad1810r80 :like: I have the same hat from juggernaut/arcane though I'm running it as a full return system like you mentioned. Install was straightforward and been flawless on E85. Will you be running a vacuum line from the manifold to the hat?
  6. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Thank you sir, appreciate the info
  7. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    @[email protected], Currently using the Gates K061015 belt on the 105mm pulley. What belt can I run with the 100mm 6-rib pulley. I'm guessing the K061010?
  8. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Just eyeballing that doesn't look like it'll fit. This is a G2 but should be similar to a G3
  9. Perfect launch from a dig in a boosted 6R80

    Interesting, will look into those when getting a spare set of street tires. Thanks
  10. Perfect launch from a dig in a boosted 6R80

    That's surprising. Have you tried the Nitto 555Rii or Michelin PS4S at your current power level? What tires do you have on currently?
  11. Perfect launch from a dig in a boosted 6R80

    @M-Driver, Just echoing what everyone else has mentioned, there really is no solution to what you're asking for with the conditions you've stipulated. Even if you found the ideal rpm and throttle to get a good launch today all that changes tomorrow when road surface, road temps, tire temps etc...
  12. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    125mm - K061033 120mm - K061031 115mm - K061025 110mm - K061020 105mm - K061015 Originally posted by Brevin and can confirm the Gates K061020 belt fit well when I was on the 110mm pulley
  13. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Was doing it to get WOT logs, comparing meth vs no meth on E85, and just to get the numbers and compare it to my previous setup. Will see what tuner says regarding the logs as I sent him both with and without meth. I have a single 14gph nozzle located at the bottom of the charge pipe that links...
  14. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    The area close to windshield washer fluid, correct? Will look into that Good info regarding the sock, put it on to stop the vapors getting on the supercharger.
  15. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Was spraying on only the second pull. The first and 3rd were E85 only. The highest whp (first pull) was on only E85. Was testing out to see if the meth made a difference on E.
  16. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Yeap, still have the meth kit on there. Will be there for cooling during the summer months
  17. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Done with my E85 setup. Tried to keep the engine bay looking sensible but still just a mess of wires/hoses etc. Best dyno pull was 789 whp seeing 21.5* up top. (I saw 2* knock on the last pull around 7500 which was surprising. All other pulls held timing with no knock. Did all 3 runs with no...
  18. 2020 GT A10 Throttle/Transmission Oscillation Issue

    Did your issue start from day one or develop over time? I'm currently tuned with Palm Beach Dyno
  19. 2020 GT A10 Throttle/Transmission Oscillation Issue

    For future reference: Was tuning related, issue is resolved
  20. 2020 GT A10 Throttle/Transmission Oscillation Issue

    Issue is fixed My tuner sent me an updated tune file and the issue is gone! Not sure what he updated in the tune but all good Transmission lives to see another day Thanks guys for your insights