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  1. SCCA F-Street Setup. What's Everyone Done so Far?

    Looks to me like '22 and maybe '23 are the years to go for it in FS if you have one of the current super ponies.
  2. SPC Adjustable Camber Arms Review

    And priced very well. Thanks for reminding me of this product! When do you think electric blue could be available, lol?
  3. SPC Adjustable Camber Arms Review

    Thanks for the quick replies! Good to know the adjustment range is way more than it seemed, at least in the negative direction that we care about. I like the design of this part. On others where you have to line up rod-ends, tighten up jam nuts, keep things in a plain that won't bind, then...
  4. SPC Adjustable Camber Arms Review

    @kz how much negative camber do you think one can get to with these arms on a 3/4-1" lowered car? I like to run about -2.2 but this product says the range for it is -2 to +3. Harbor Freight has a service wrench set for cheap that works great for tight spots with large nuts...
  5. SCCA F-Street Setup. What's Everyone Done so Far?

    @unknown and others if you are curious: From Koni's website: I bolded that last part because I have found I can use rebound control to aid with trail braking (front rebound) and putting the power down on corner exit...
  6. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Rival S 1.5 is hard to kill and I've used some over multiple seasons ok. It is about the cheapest 315/30-18 200TW right now. IMO, too wide for best effectiveness on an 11" wheel but it will fit. Conti ECF is a new tire that is designed to last longer and seems close to pace according to Tire...
  7. Autocross/daily driver questions

    @Dana Pants Agree on the extended arms. You are too far from the steering wheel and don't put much correction in before returning to center and waiting for the stop in the dirt. Also, I see what might be a mash of the throttle between 11 and 12 secs. At that moment the car has a lot of body...
  8. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Thankfully last Sat all I had were some moments of throttle induced oversteer as I probed the limits of grip in earlier runs. I let a friend make a couple runs in my car to experience my setup and he spun it in the middle of the lot. His S550 is much softer sprung/damped but s/c.
  9. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Yes, I had a few of those but it may be best to not publish that, lol.
  10. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Most of us are stuck with postage stamp lots and tight courses unfortunately. This lot can support a more open course design but the club that conducted this event does very tight courses. It's was ok though. Some key elements in the course highlighted setup things to fix earlier in the day...
  11. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    This is how autox is. You make a 60ish sec run then back in grid for a few mins. These times I sent were 3rd runs so about as warned up as the tires were going to get that day anyway. It's important to know in those particular conditions, which are common in the pnw what is a good setup. The...
  12. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Had a little fun in the rain Saturday at a small local event. Had done 6-7 drying runs in the morning session on A052s so had the course down. During lunch it started to rain and since I'd always wanted to test my GoodYear Exhilarate UHP A/S street tires against 200TW Extremes in the cold and...
  13. KW V3 Spring Rates

    I did a little track driving with my set but mostly autocross. My focus is autocross competition and I don't feel like they are a competition grade set of shocks at this point. The out-of-the-box spring rates are too soft for that and the low-speed control just doesn't seem to be there either...
  14. Mach 1 autox videos, local SCCA region

    Thank you for sharing! Gives us a peak at what a national champion level of driving looks like from the inside on our cars. I've watched plenty of runs by drivers like you from the outside but this gives me perspective of what a pace like that looks like from within the S550. What I'm getting...
  15. Superchargers and HPDE/Road course

    @boardkat your assistance is requested :cool:
  16. Tire Review Recommendations?

    GRM is great. Another great source is The Tire Rack test reviews. Here are a number of recent tests of tires in the Extreme Category:
  17. Autocross: Outside front edge tire wear

    By definition you must be over driving the entry to turns but it sounds like you have enough experience to know there's more to this understeer problem than just that. I reread your first post and you say another identical car doesn't handle like yours. Is that with you driving? Another clue is...
  18. Autocross: Outside front edge tire wear

    Hope you don't mind a few questions... What shocks do you have? What are the toe alignment settings front and rear? Rear tire pressure? Can you describe your corner driving technique? Are you generally on the throttle at least somewhat to balance the car mid corner or is it understeering so...
  19. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    .48 for OEM spring location and .75 for the shock location. I 'borrowed' the formulas for the calculations from a google doc Brian posted years ago.