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  1. Borla Atak Catback Review

    So this is my very first car mod that I've ever done. I'm gonna try to put as much detail as possible. Sound: It's deep in the very low RPM, and it gets aggressive sounding 3k+ RPM. It's very loud and definitely grabs people's attention when driving around town. It's hard to describe the tone...
  2. V6 Auto about to stall in traffic!!

    I was in traffic this morning and every time I went to break the RPM's would keep dipping under 500 and the car jerked. Car only has 3300 miles on it. Any ideas? Bring it to dealer ASAP?
  3. 2015 Mustang insurance increase?

    My policy renewal is coming up and the premium is $40 higher. I asked why and this is the answer I got: Is this bullshit or what?
  4. $150 charge from dealer?

    I'm at dealer right now and they're checking a squeak I have going over bumps. They're saying it might cost me $150 if they find something? Said it might not be warranty work. Does this sound like bs???
  5. Need advice on my car's issues

    I've been driving for 1,500 miles now and compiled a list of issues. I'm still new to car ownership so forgive it I sound stupid but I'd appreciate any advice on what I'm experiencing. Here's the list. 1. Loud squeal from the rear suspension sounds like when going up my steep driveway...

    Just a heads up in case any one was interested but according to late model restoration this flowmaster kit is shipping out March 2nd. Curious how it sounds on the 2015. : )
  7. Leather conditioner

    Is it too soon to be conditioning the leather? The #1 thing I hate the most about cars that age are hard leather steering wheels. It's my first car and I want to keep this wheel soft and smooth for as long as possible. I bought some Armor All Leather care gel and some microfiber towels. Is it a...
  8. Are catback systems coming?

    I couldn't help but notice there's literally nothing out there for catbacks for the v6 yet. Not even preorder. But the're coming... right?
  9. A lot of force required to close doors/trunk?

    Hey guys. Do you also have to give a good amount of force to actually close your doors and trunk? Half the time I get into my car I'm opening and closing the door again because the door isn't properly shut. It may be completely normal, but I'm not used to using so much force to close everything...
  10. Bought my first ever car!

    I was never a fan of Mustang until this generation. I can't get over how nice this car is. It's a 051a package V6 with 3.55 slip.. the plan is to keep her for at least 5 years as my daily driver. At the dealer: And at home hiding from the snow: Having only driven my family's...
  11. $750 rebate

    Anyone know if there's anyway to get this rebate by tomorrow somehow? I ordered brochures yesterday but I don't think they'll make it in time. Trying to buy a mustang tomorrow!