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  1. Best Price for m-18000-f?

    I'm slowly going to be purchasing/piecing my suspension setup. I wanted to get anyone's experience in purchasing Ford Performance Track Strut And Shock Kit m-18000-f. Are there any seasonal deals for this part or is it something that stays about the same in price year round?
  2. Florida Steeda Trunk Pop Kit (Large Wing)

    Selling my steeda trunk pop kit for large wings. Purchased in Nov 2021 so fairly new. Probably popped the trunk about 10 times since that. I went back to stock and don’t really need these. $70 obo plus shipping.
  3. Hub Centric Ring and Spacer Question

    I will be purchasing my new wheels very soon and wanted to clear some questions before my test fit. I'm hoping my new wheels will fit but I'm ready to make any mods needed. I know this is somewhat of a aggressive set up and will be a close one for sure. Here are the specs. 19x10.5 +35 all...
  4. Florida WTB Steeda progressive springs and shocks

    Just like the title says. I’m looking for new kit or used in good condition. Let me know what you guys have.
  5. Window decal that can removed??

    I woke up this morning and on my way to work I have a letter by my association saying I don't have a decal to park there (mind you I am parked in front of my house). My understanding is the decal is really used for people that are parking over night in community parking spots within the...
  6. Florida Fs: New DIY steering wheel cover (Blk w/ Red stitch)

    Up for sale is a new DIY steering wheel cover kit for 15 and up mustangs. It’s half smooth black leather with half perforated black leather, accented with red stitching. I decided to go a different route and actually get a new steering wheel. I have no doubt that this will look good for a rather...
  7. BMR CB005 compatible with Steeda Jacking Rails?

    I wanted to know if Steeda Ultra-Lite jacking rails (555-5212) is compatible with BMR CB005? Originally looking at stop the hop kit but BMR has certainly caught my eye.
  8. Caliper Measurement on Non-PP 4 Piston

    Just wondering if anyone has measured their non-PP caliper. I'm trying to find the distance shown on the black line. Thanks.
  9. Front Dust Cap Question

    So just got new wheels and unfortunately I couldn’t get the center caps on in the front. I ordered a set of 5mm to see if it will clear. So I’ll try that first however if I need more clearance I will try to tap in the dust cap. Question is if I need extra clearance would I hammer in the dust cap...
  10. Ebay/Amazon TPMS Sensor

    I'm looking to grab some TPMS sensors for my new wheels and tire package. I have been reviewing the forums and I know a few members have purchased on ebay/amazon. Willing to take a chance on these for my 2019. It does say 2015-2018, not sure if that is true. What do you think? Here is the...
  11. Username Change

    Hello Mods! If possible, can you please change my username to Salty. Thanks in advance
  12. S550 Mechanic in South Florida (Miami Area)

    I'm looking for a mechanic that is familiar with the S550 platform, specifically someone that is familiar with a 10R80. I'm looking to get back into a mustang but would like to take a potential car to a mechanic to look it over? Any recommendations? Worst case scenario I was thinking to have a...
  13. Radio/backup screen not working

    So my radio screen is not working at all. No radio info no back up cam, nothing! It's not really a big deal but I definitely need to get it fixed. I have a base GT. My issue is I have lowering springs. They won't void warranty because of this right?
  14. 275 40 20?

    So I have a killer deal on a used wheel package. Unfortunately the tires are 275/40/20. Would I be able to use these tires btw I'm lowered on sportlines
  15. Bmr springs on base gt

    Hey guys. I was wondering if any base gt's out there on bmr lowering springs? I've heard they don't lower as much as pp gt. Can anyone confirm or post any pics before I make my purchase. Thanks!
  16. Rear Valance question

    I was wondering is everyones rear valance black/with color of car? i just looked at mines and its completely painted magnetic with no black whats so ever. Am I missing something here guys?
  17. sluggish startup?

    Hey guys. i took delivery of my mustang this past saturday and it has been awesome! One thing that had me concerned was when i started up the car, it took a while to start up. I did notice this was when the car was cold. My question is do you guys hold the start up button till the car fires up...