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  1. Catch Can for Procharged 2015 Mustangs

    +1 very curious about this Actually, I'm very curious about how the IMRC line even interacts with a catch can - are the pressures running through this line negligible compared to the gas pressure flowing from the engine via the PCV, or the negative pressure generated by the Procharger itself?
  2. Side mirrors - amount of retraction?

    If you actually measure (relative to the A pillar) you'll notice that the left mirror is actually further back than the right mirror. Weird.
  3. DESI5.0's Build Thread

    Its a good little thread to reminisce about. His dad is selling, apparently to get a P plate legal car for Yuvi but who knows. I think after 3 or so years his main mods were cat back, wheel spacers and anchor room tint. The lights are definitely US spec though... Might turn a few buyers away but
  4. DESI5.0's Build Thread

    :'( The build didn't go so well :'( May 2018
  5. Anyone fitted a clutch type diff OS Giken etc?

    I just ordered a 1.75 way Kaaz LSD for my Mustang. Weirdly enough the entire Mustang6g forum hasn't got any mention of the word "Kaaz" except this thread! Kaaz makes 2 models of clutch-type differential, an RS "Road Spec" model (which is 1.75 way, weird sounding hey) as well as a 2 way model...
  6. Catch Can for Procharged 2015 Mustangs

    Hi Joe, sorry for the radio silence! After about 5000km the catch can had about 60mL of brown oil with tiny metal filings in it. Engine bay pics to come once I get some good ones haha
  7. Request for comments - MODES - Triple Amber Triple Red taillight LED upgrade kit

    Happy customer from Adelaide here. I've just taken delivery of & installed these Mustang tail light triple amber & triple red tail light panels. First up, the LED upgrade boards are packaged incredibly well (think iPhone in box), and are excellent quality. The DIY install was time consuming...
  8. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    There was a bit of extra work removing the entire oil cooler (some kits re-use a section of the OEM RHD oil cooler) and additionally I have a procharger & stage 2 intercooler which meant I couldn't mount the oil cooler in the usual spot in front of the radiator. Totally worth it. Spent the day...
  9. Streetfighter Engine Oil Cooler Upgrade

    Thanks for this information Dave, hearing all the stories of failing oil coolers (even on stock cars!) is a huge cause of anxiety for us Aussie RHD Mustang GT owners. I appreciate the effort you're putting into helping us all with this issue. I just have a question regarding your Streetfighter...
  10. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Thanks! Now I'm suuuuper tempted to get a red texta and colour in all the white stitching on my seats... this could end badly hahaha
  11. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    New carbon fibre steering wheel with red stitching and drift stripe from Troy at Pro Speed Racing. Just amazing :D
  12. Mustang Sins: Let's Hear Them

    This is pretty much the most naughty thing I can think of putting in my Mustang :ninja:
  13. Stage 2 Procharger intercooler w/ Mishimoto oil cooler?

    If it fits a stock LHD then I reckon it would also be plug and play for a LHD with procharger stage two, apart from maybe needing to find and mount the cooler in a different position.
  14. Stage 2 Procharger intercooler w/ Mishimoto oil cooler?

    Mishimoto won't fit - the procharger intercooler is waaaay too thick. ***Most of my experience below is specific to the Right hand drive Mustang*** I ended up going through Eastside Mustang & with a lot of work they custom-fit an MMR (modular motorsports racing) kit. Half the parts in that kit...
  15. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Yeah! But it didn't completely fix the issue. Honestly the best fix for me is probably getting a custom offset wheel which Koya can make for like 600 bucks haha. No noticeable impact on handling btw
  16. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    My particular car has a cradle alignment issue where the rear wheels sit about 8mm or so to the left (ie I get poke on the left compared to right) I'm running 20x12 wheels with +53 offset and it tucks nicely on the right and pokes on the left. Seriously considering just pulling out the guard...
  17. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    Yeah, that is similar to what I bought and that kit won't be plug and play for RHD mustangs, I'd definitely recommend getting a locally made system to ensure compatiblity
  18. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    Mishimoto might be ok, I can only speak for MMR (modular motorsports racing) :)
  19. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    Yeah, I got an aftermarket oil cooler from MMR, however there were issues regarding fittings (our oil coolers must be quite different from LHD oil coolers) and my huge front mount intercooler didnt help placement either! In Andy's words (Eastside Mustang)... We had to make some spacers to go...
  20. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    I just got a pair of wide semi slicks (Toyo R888 315/30/20) for better traction on the rears. Quick phone photo, proper pics to come So far, there is much much better grip and I can finally accelerate without wheelspin in 2nd (haven't tried them in the wet, wish me luck!) So, any opinions...