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  1. Can I hit 11.90 on stock tune?

    what year are you looking at? There’s a pretty drastic difference in performance from 2017 and 2018.
  2. My Bullitt will see the drag strip for the first time tomorrow

    Try to take a vid of the run if you can, I want to see that Bullitt in action
  3. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Dude this is really helpful information. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Exhaust Flowmaster Outlaws Axel-Back or Borla Atak Axel-Back

    I don’t think the type of muffler is going to affect that. The pops and crackles depend on how your car is running
  5. 2017 mustang gt going to 5.2 coyote swap

    What do you think made it blow?
  6. 2017 mustang gt going to 5.2 coyote swap

    Wow that’s scary. Were you on the stock clutch?
  7. Exhaust Flowmaster Outlaws Axel-Back or Borla Atak Axel-Back

    I’m running catless long tube headers with an x pipe and Borla Atak axle back. Ear deafening if you’re standing outside, but there’s absolutely no drone. You won’t regret it
  8. Lund 93 tune worth it?

    Since you have the 10r80 they will also tune the trans. The car will feel like a different animal. Lund is very reputable and reliable. Definitely worth it
  9. Steeda Sport springs too low? No gap- tire issue?

    OP did you figure out what the issue was? I just ordered eibach sportline lowering springs and I’m on 305/35R20’s in the rear.
  10. Tune/Tuner Thoughts

    lund or Palm beach dyno. Both are amazing companies
  11. Sometimes you gotta wonder what Ford is thinking

    As bad as the 2018 front end looked, at least it was sort of unique... I cant decide whether this looks more like a chevy, charger, or BMW
  12. All S550 model years of 5.0 Coyote: How many have NOT had any Coyote issues?

    2017 Base model GT with the MT-82, and bought it used with 21,000 miles. I daily drive it about 325 miles a week. Now, it is sitting just at around 32,000 miles. I have not kept it stock, it has full bolt ons and e85 minus cams if you want to count those. I do at least a few WOT pulls every day...
  13. Bad Valve Seal #6

    I think I’m having the same exact issue. I will pull the plugs today and check if they have oil on them
  14. Best Mustang to boost (need help)

    If you’re going FI then get a 15-17 auto
  15. Are all Ford dealerships inhabited by stupid and greedy

    Your owners manual in your car will have a list of all recommended services and at what mileage. Never go by what Ford says at the dealership for recommended services.
  16. What it takes to run mid-low 11's in a N/A manual 15-17

    I haven’t taken it to a prepped surface yet, but on the street my best is a 12.2. I’m on MT street comps and spin a bit in 1st gear.