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  1. MMR cooling head head mod

    Is there a installation write up or video on this with the motor and transmission still in the car? How can you get access to the freeze plugs to get them out? Thanks Jack
  2. Wanted OEM GT350 X-Pipe & Resonator

    Hi looking to get a oem GT350 X-PIpe & resonator. Thanks Jack
  3. IAT'S with Whipple

    Hi I have a Whipple on my GT350. Just wondering what others are seeing for IAT's After the blower (IAT2)? Thanks Jack
  4. Team Beefcake Racings discount code

    Hi Does anyone know if Team Beefcake Racings has a form discount code? Thanks Jack
  5. lund Racing

    Hi Does anyone know if Lund Racing has a Form or coupon code? Thanks Jack
  6. oil pump and timing gear replacement procedure

    Hi I am looking on replacing my oil pump and timing gear With the idea of supercharging my GT350. I can not find a write up on the replacement procedure. Does anyone have one or has done this? Thanks Jack
  7. Who make the best billet oil pump and crankshaft gears?

    Hi, I am thinking of replacing my oil pump and crankshaft gears do to seeing some fail. I can not believe Ford would make a engine that has vibration issues and use cast gears. So the question is who make the best billet oil pump and crankshaft gears? I only want to have to do this once...
  8. How to - OPG Replacment

    Hi How do I find the Ford service procedure for replacement of the OPG? Has anyone done this themselves? Are there any special tools required? Thanks Jack
  9. base radio speaker upgrade

    Base radio speaker upgrade - any one try to do this? Thanks Jack
  10. R exhaust Question

    I just removed the resonators from my exhaust. Do R's have the heat shields or are they just for the resonators. I believe those heat shields were for the resonators. Can someone with an R confirm? Thanks Jack
  11. oil drain plug part number

    Hi, Does anyone know the oil drain plug part number? I would like to get a spare. Thanks Jack
  12. Custom identity Plates

    Is anyone interested in something like this for our GT350's?
  13. part # for oil drain plug?

    Hi, does anyone know what the part # for oil drain plug? I would like to get a spare. Thanks Jack
  14. BMR Jacking rails vs Steeda jacking rails

    The Steeda Jacking rails look short has anyone tried the BMR rails? Thanks Jack
  15. brake pads

    Hi, Has anyone found a brake pad that makes less brake dust than the factory ones? I am tired of cleaning my wheels every time i drive the car. Thanks Jack
  16. 2015-2017 MUSTANG GT350 SHIFTER KIT - WITHOUT KNOB M-7210-M8A

    These were just released has anyone gotten one yet? Jack
  17. Best tune

    Hi, Who has the best tune for the GT350? With a JLT cold air intake. Thanks Jack