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  1. Rocker Stripes on 2022 GT500 HE

    sad but true
  2. Rocker Stripes on 2022 GT500 HE

    Surely not solid, nothing about a solid stripe lines up with historical GT500s.
  3. Track Attack Insurance

    I did, I disagree with @Cgouzoulis, this could be your one chance to push these cars on a track and not worry about wear and tear on your vehicle. I got the insurance and pushed the car hard, several times I’d hear “green car, slow it down a bit” haha.
  4. Scissor jack with BMR jacking rails

    A simple solution would be for us to weld a stud on the top of the scissor jack that fits the screw holes in the jacking rails. This would lock the scissor jack into the jacking rail with zero chance of movement.
  5. Scissor jack with BMR jacking rails

    I don’t see how you fit a bottle Jack under the car, I’ve never seen one that short.
  6. Anyone running MoTec?

    Man this thread is just struggling.
  7. Decision Time - upgrade

    Definitely agree. They are just so nice! I had a sweet set of signature wheels made and before I installed them I sold them to a friend, I just couldn't get rid of the CF wheels. Now I am going to have a set of Bead lock SV107s made for the rear, but I'm keeping the CF wheels up front. Hoping...
  8. Anyone running MoTec? Especially supercharged.

    They told me that was coming, I’m pretty excited about going this route. The Motec seems like it’s going to really make this 3.8 set up manageable and safe on the streets.
  9. Anyone running MoTec? Especially supercharged.

    Hello, I realize this is the GT350 section and I'm discussing a 2020 GT500, but it was pointed out to me that the GT350s have been running Motec for a while. I've been talking to HPJ and checking out Fathouse Fabs and I'm really thinking about adding a Motec to my build, but I have zero first...
  10. Anyone running MoTec?

    Man it's like arguing with a wall. I don't care about the final number, I just pulled the example off their vids. Where I live every other pump has E85 and the pump across from my work even has E99. I'm talking about a car with true flex fuel capability. I care far more about drivability than...
  11. Anyone running MoTec?

    I'll take that as sincere best wishes. I honestly have no idea where this will end up, just hoping for the the most power while being safe and controllable. I don't want to land locking my car to E85 pumps, so pump gas ability is key. The flex fuel ability of the MoTec will be nice, knowing that...
  12. Anyone running MoTec?

    Of course none of those numbers mean anything until I'm on a Dyno and built, but PBD has a 900rwhp package on pump gas and they are just using a ported OEM supercharger. I don't think it's out of the question to say 850-900rwhp...
  13. Anyone running MoTec?

    Yea, Ive seen them and their cars, I've also been speaking with Doug at HPJ. Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience here with it.
  14. Anyone running MoTec?

    I been collecting parts for my build and recently started learning about MoTec. I’ll be running a raceported 3.8 whipple (already in my garage), id17000, ARH Long Tubes, FORE triple pumps, livernoise heat exchanger, half shafts, and possibly a trunk mounted ice tank plus some 18”sv703 beadlocks...
  15. 1440 Rearwheel Horsepower

    @V00D00 have you rode in a 1300hp whipple GT500? Just wondering how the turbos feel in comparison. I typically don’t care for the slower ramp in power and lag, but my only turbo is a 76mm 4.6 so it’s likely 180* different. That being said I’ve got my 3.8 and I started talking to HPJ about...
  16. 1440 Rearwheel Horsepower

    That's awesome! looking forward to seeing how the DCT holds. When will you post the whole dyno graph? I've love to see the curve. I've got a 3.8 sitting in my garage, I'd love to see how this compares.
  17. My Ford GT500 has truly ruined my passion for others😳

    Man I have to assume that once people start finding the limits of the DCT and need a replacement this swap will almost pay for itself. Sell your DCT to someone who blew theirs, but wants a replacement.
  18. PowerStop Z26 Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Are Available

    Thanks for the heads up! Had the fronts for a while but never installed due to wanting a full set. Can’t wait to get rid of that dust!
  19. There goes the neighborhood

    He has 1.3m followers, a bunch of sponsors and a show on motor trend TV. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.
  20. There goes the neighborhood

    OK guys, I know this guy personally. While our relationship is new, he seems like a stand up guy and treated me with nothing but kindness and respect. Don't hate the player, hate the game. No reason to be negative about him.