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  1. Things to do on Hilton Head Island

    Hey guys. My family and I are going to Hilton Head in June. I know there are probably several members here who are from the area so I thought I would ask for suggestions on things to do. I have two boys ages 12 & 10 (and a wife 🙂). I also would like to play one round of golf without the family...
  2. Leaking rear shock

    Hey guys. I have been working on my car the past couple of weeks. Last time I was under the car I noticed that the passenger side rear shock was leaking. There was a small puddle under the shock and you can see that the bottom of it is oily. My question is - would this be covered under warranty...
  3. New front tires - alignment?

    Thank you - is there another tire I should look at? These seem to be good tires from what everyone says...
  4. New front tires - alignment?

    OK, thanks. It just seems like there should be a way to adjust out some of this severe inside tire wear. I guess I will see if the car is out of spec first...
  5. New front tires - alignment?

    Through the life of your three sets of Michelins, have you ever had your alignment checked?
  6. New front tires - alignment?

    It definitely seems like something is off and not normal...
  7. New front tires - alignment?

    The rear tires look to be wearing evenly. Do you guys think I should have the rear aligned as well as long as I am at the shop? I don't think I have ever had a vehicle that had any rear alignment capabilities...
  8. New front tires - alignment?

    Thank you!
  9. New front tires - alignment?

    Thank you. Anyone have a link to what the stock alignment specs are? Are the specs different between a base model, GT, GT PP1, etc?
  10. New front tires - alignment?

    I have the wheels back on now - I guess I didn't look at the struts. Wouldn't I notice if they were rubbing on something (sound, feel, etc)? The wheels are the stock PP1 wheels with the factory tires and no suspension mods so I guess I wouldn't think they would rub...
  11. New front tires - alignment?

    Thanks for the info. The rears still look OK and are a ways off from being down to the wear bars. I was thinking of replacing the fronts and leaving the rears for a while - since they are a different size from the fronts (GT PP1) I don't think it will be a big deal. Could the shop adjust the...
  12. New front tires - alignment?

    Hey guys. I have been working on my car and had the wheels off - the fronts don't look good at all! The inside is showing the cords and the outside is not down to the wear bars yet. I think this is fairly common with these cars (PS4s tires) but maybe not. I'm planning to get new front tires and...
  13. Minnesota Owners

    Getting my car out on April 1st unless we get a snow storm (pretty much guaranteed 😎❄️)!
  14. Massive Ford Collection Includes Rare Mustangs And Shelby Cobras

    Very cool 👍🏻-is this one individual's collection?!!
  15. High probability areas for stone chips.

    The flared out area behind the edge of the door on the rear quarter would be a good area - I got a stone chip there last summer - no ppf 🙄. Installing rokblokz once they arrive...
  16. FINALLY! Femco drain for 2018 up

    Thank you - mine is on the shelf ready to go once I can get the car out 👍🏻
  17. Mustang jerks when shifting

    Here is a screenshot of the tsb
  18. Mustang jerks when shifting

    I'm not sure which cars it applies to but I think there is a recent TSB for replacing the valve body on transmissions that are having this issue. It is supposed to shift harder in sport but how much harder seems to be a matter of opinion. If you look towards the end of the 10r80 mega thread you...
  19. More Ridiculous Used Mustang Prices (and a few Corvettes)

    Looks like I should look at selling my used car! 🙂 Those prices are high!