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  1. Hopefully a GT350 owner sooner than later. Advice-opinions appreciated.

    Good thread, I'm also in the market for one. What's the best extended warranty for these? I'm still leary of complete motor replacements/oil consumption issues. How do you verify if major mechanical overhauls have been done, VIN checks?
  2. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Ok, another bump, road & track:blush:
  3. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    Since I'm a long-time Z fan (had several 240Zs including current RB26DETT swapped and tracked) I'm going to test drive the manual Performance trim Z. Been closely monitoring the Z updates on their forum. I wonder if it will be quicker (handling) and faster (drag) than my stock PP2? I bet tons...
  4. If everything is fast and agile, will sports car exist? Will performance get limited?

    Yep, so true, very small minority track, so much hype and youtubes on silly dangerous street drags, and crashes. Even mags do comparos on 0-60 and qtr, those will be the domain of EVs, no way around the instant torque and awd. I wish to see more Stangs and Camaros, pony cars, at the track, some...
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Added GT500 spoiler & Gurney flap, direct bolt-on swap, felt like it worked well at LVMS, a bit less oversteer:thumbsup:
  6. Auto Club Speedway, before becoming a short track

    Wait, was this instructional laps, lead-follow? 3 min is way too slow for the Roval, you said 40% pace over 20 mins. Normally they let you go by the 2nd session on.
  7. Are these tire sizes ok for my 2019 GT350 first trackday?

    After reading thru this, couple of questions about your current tires and your track day. About the rear tires, how many miles have you driven on them to reach the wear bars? If it's been let's say 15-20K miles, then you have minor alignment issues, and I don't think you're risking using it on...
  8. Installed a 4 point Watson cage this week in the M1

    Nice install! What's the weight of that 4-point rollbar? Also assuming that's NASA and SCCA legal? Thx
  9. Photograph of the Month - March 2022. Guidelines in post #1

    Not many photos yet on my part but here's one from Auto Club Speedway.
  10. Auto Club Speedway, before becoming a short track

    Interested since I’ve been happy running with them for many years. One run group with handicap might work but normally they limit to 22-25 cars per run group so could be tight. I believe they used to have a Pony Car Challenge.
  11. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Since you've had the SC Stage 2 over a year now, any overheating or limp mode issues? I'm still on the fence, also interested in the cooling pkg but that only helps 23%. What conditions have you run it under? Thx
  12. Another S550 or should I wait?

    Well the new Z Performance trim is listed as over 3500 lbs, so not much lighter actually.
  13. Another S550 or should I wait?

    I patiently waited for the new Z. True on the weight diff, but when looking deeper the new Z does NOT have better brakes (Akebono 4 piston), no adaptive susp like Magneride, no Recaro option, and I'm still betting our 460hp Coyote pulls harder than the VR30DDTT's 400hp. So, the Perf Pack GT...
  14. Extended Stud Options?

    Why the need for 35mm spacers? 19x11 Apex wheels ET52 fit fine with 25mm and ARP studs, although true cannot use wider spacers.
  15. Extended Stud Options?

    Yes, threads left over. Note that I’m using Apex track wheels ,other wheels may have diff thickness. Have to use open lugs, safer
  16. Extended Stud Options?

    I've been tracking the M-1107-C with no issues on the PP2 which it turns out has the GT350 hubs. Run them with 25mm spacer front for the Apex 19x11 square setup, open lug nuts.
  17. Oil level observation

    Not yet, on these recent cooler days, my diff temps which is my main concern, got up to 243 max on typical 20 min sessions. I only have the exhaust wrap, and will for sure install a diff cooler soon. No other temp issues with the motor or manual trans, happy so far. BTW, the car is much better...
  18. Oil level observation

    My 2019 PP2 takes 10 quarts, Gen 3 Coyote. On page 296 (2018 manual), the capacities and specifications for the naturally aspirated V8 suggest the engine and filter take 10 quarts of oil That’s 9.5 liters of lubricant, which is a lot whichever way you look at it. Take the pre-facelift Mustang...
  19. 2020 GT350 Heritage Winner (Loser)

    Congrats! Sweet HE and glad you'll be driving it instead of stashing it away. Plan to track it locally? Post up more pics later :like:
  20. Whipple quality control

    That shows bad quality, wonder if they messed up on the specific parts, i.e. replaced hoses with whatever is avail per 'supply chain' issues, or quality has been down the dumps lately, like with many other companies. I'll follow this thread since still weighing options vs Roush. By the way, is...