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  1. Whipple dual fans or oversize heat exchanger?

    Yes longer bolts were required because the spacers raise the supercharger up. Stock bolts are no long enough to provide adequate thread contact.
  2. Driveshaft adapter

    After having 2 DSS shaft failures, carbon and aluminum 1 pieces, I'm going to switch back to my stock 2 piece in the interim. Does anyone know if someone sells a replacement metal adaptar as an upgrade for the stock front rubber isolator. I came across this online, and wasn't sure if it would...
  3. Broken crankshaft

    OP I wish you the best of luck when you get it back together. I went through something similar back in 2019 where I snapped my crank on my Whipple setup. I had the Ford dealership install OPG, CS, and ATI balancer. I've seen maybe about a dozen or so of us alone on the forum that has snapped...
  4. What Compression? Odin or 3.0L Whipple?

    I lost my stock motor at 12,800 miles due to a snapped crankshaft, whipple installed by the dealer from day 1 and wrapped into the financing. I purchased an Aluminator and had PBD tune the car as I upgraded the injectors from 72 to 95 lb units and added a BAP as I was going to pulley down and...
  5. Aluminator Failure

    Holbrook already has the motor completely broken down and the quote is the final cost. I had exchanged emails with Ford Performance and it appears $2,815 of the cost is to be absorbed by Ford for the inspection, washing, disassembly, reassembly, and shipping costs. So end of the day I'll be out...
  6. Aluminator Failure

    Basically original condition with the upgraded cometic MLX gaskets, ARP head studs, and a new set of total seal rings.
  7. Aluminator Failure

    The thing about the quote that throws me off is the $4,190 labor. Their website says they charge $90/hr. I wouldn't think it would take 46.5 hours to put an engine together, but again I don't know much about engine assembly.
  8. Aluminator Failure

    I forwarded the quote to Ford Performance and asked the same thing. Maybe this place was loading up the quote because they thought Ford was footing the bill, just how contractors do it for home insurance repairs??? I'll keep you guys posted with how I make out.
  9. Aluminator Failure

    Ford Performance sent Holbrook the motor to do the inspection for warranty claim. I had no idea it was being sent there. Ford did offer to have the engine shipped on their dime to any other engine builder I'd prefer, if I chose not to use Holbrook. I figured while they had the motor in their...
  10. Aluminator Failure

    Just received the quote today on repairs. It is what it is.
  11. Whipple dual fans or oversize heat exchanger?

    The spacers were purchased from VMP, but it looks like they no longer carry them. It looks like paramount speed carries them. "2011-2020 5.0 Coyote Phenolic Spacers (cylinder head to intake) – Paramount Speed"...
  12. Aluminator Failure

    I feel like I opened Pandora's box lol
  13. Whipple dual fans or oversize heat exchanger?

    I had to remove the under hood insulation on my stock hood to make it fit. Im still on factory motor mounts. I was pleasantly surprise with the embossed pony logo under the hood insulation.
  14. Whipple dual fans or oversize heat exchanger?

    I have a gen 2 stage 2 whipple with standard size HE and IC pump. I switched to a 170 Reische, purchased the MFP phenloic spacers, and made a custom supercharger blanket. My dash reading on CHT prior were around the 203 - 210 with IAT 30 -40 over ambient. After the above mods, my CHT were in the...
  15. Aluminator Failure

    Speaking of pump gas. Maybe I would have been better off going with one of the engines my local shop does. "Street Engine Packages |" Check out package # 3....980 hp on pump 93. Imagine dropping that in a fox body.
  16. Aluminator Failure

    "Before You Dyno a Whipple Tune Car | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) -" For reference, this was from when I was on the stock motor with whipple tune. It...
  17. Aluminator Failure

    There the ones Ford Performance uses for their supercharged applications. 1 heat range cooler. Gap .028. Maybe the picture isn't coming through well on your screen, but they weren't horrible in person. Some pitting on the strap. I was actually expecting much worse. I was actually surprised...
  18. Aluminator Failure

    Yeah what about the plugs specifically?
  19. Aluminator Failure

    Yeah antiseize. The plugs came with the crate engine and instructed the shop that was doing install to gap them to .028. Ford motorcraft 1 range colder. I've heard of not using anti seize on NGK plugs as it can potentially cause conductive issues and changing the heat range of the plug.
  20. Aluminator Failure

    The only reason I pulled it was because I had contacted Ford Performance after doing the leak down and compression and was told I could send it to them to see if it could be covered under the 2 yr 24,000 mile warranty. Ford sent me an engine cradle, paid for shipping, and paid for the engine...