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  1. Shop labor cost twin turbo engine upgrade (opinions welcome)

    Looks mainly okay, Replacing an pre-provided catch can for $110 though? The first part seems (maybe??) right, still a tad high in my opinion. But what do I know?
  2. 2023 Florida Special Edition GT

    I think to add on, we could lower the rear end tell it scrapes and raise the front end a couple of feet.
  3. Will Gas Prices Affect Mustang Value?

    And we're talking a period of maximum weeks, waiting months, you will definitely see an increase in price. If you have the money now, I'd pull the trigger on the right car, soon.
  4. Will Gas Prices Affect Mustang Value?

    I disagree with this, I think you’re looking for a reason where there isn’t one. I bought a 2006 F150 3 years ago for $8k (yes i’m stupid), but 40k miles later (202k on the odometer with ~9.8MPG) I sold the truck for $9.5k 3 months ago. I don’t think efficiency plays a big role here, it’s mainly...
  5. Will Gas Prices Affect Mustang Value?

    I believe this can be attributed to the overall economy crisis in 2008, losing jobs caused people to sell their vehicles for a quick dollar, which normally is less than what you’d get if you waited on a proper offer.
  6. Will Gas Prices Affect Mustang Value?

    I believe it will go for all vehicles, the new car market will continue rising (already seeing 80k-100k trucks) and used markets will rise with them as well. This does depend on your area, if you do some looking, you can see exactly what type of vehicle is best to buy used in what location, for...
  7. Will Gas Prices Affect Mustang Value?

    short answer: no, prices will go up if anything The gas price really has minimal effect on the cars value, what really matters is the car market. And if you’ve been paying any attention to that, it doesn’t seem to be going down in price anytime soon. Definitely a sellers market right now. If...
  8. Mystery liquid

    I’ll be watching that spot for a while thanks, and as for under the car, here’s what happens: sorry for bad picture was in a rush
  9. Mystery liquid

    Let me start this off by saying i’m definitely not a mechanical oriented guy, so I thought I would ask here. I noticed a reasonably large pool of liquid gathering under my engine, it’s not oil nor antifreeze so i’m not too concerned it just seems like a lot of liquid. I also wanted to know if...
  10. Programming new key fob for older gen

    I’ll be home in a few days but will still have to order one. If you’re able to before then lmk. Very interested as I hate the 2015-17 keyfob haha.
  11. Programming new key fob for older gen

    May be a dumb question, I don’t have time to look into the internals of the 2015-2017 mustang key fob right now so I thought I would check with people here. Does anyone know if it’s possible to program a 2018+ keyfob for a 2017 mustang? I looked online a little bit and couldn’t find anything...
  12. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    As always not the best photos, just when I think the car looks nice :), I don’t like the glowing badge and I deeply regret it haha, it’ll be off soon dont worry. kinda want to invest in a nicer camera but i’m only 15 and don’t see the use in it just for the car.
  13. Rear wheel out of wack

    I’m taking it in for an alignment monday and to be inspected but being in a relatively tiny town in Kansas lowers my “competent” options quite a bit lol. Not too worried, i’ll take it a few hours away to KC and see if they can figure it out if I need too. Thanks for the insight!
  14. Rear wheel out of wack

    I did this and there does seem to be some give in the wheel, about 1/8 of an inch maybe? Is this similar to your experience?
  15. Introduce yourself!!

    Hey everyone, I’m rwolf from Kansas, 15 years old and new to the forums and have just gotten into the whole Mustang thing. I have prior experience with older ones (currently restoring a 65 coupe) but am new to the s550 generation. I wanted to buy a 2018+ after I got a job in tech but decided to...
  16. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Wanted to get a 2018+ but I’m only 15 and was lucky enough to secure a good job in tech, decided as my second car I shouldn’t buy something that expensive (and noticeably faster) and bit the bullet on a 2017. Maybe not the best looking, but I still love it :)
  17. Rear wheel out of wack

    Sorry, I have owned the car for a few months now. There has been no accidents to the car at all since and before I owned the car. I haven't curbed it, I did take it on a decent road trip about 800 miles. It doesn't make any weird noises except from the tire, which sounds like the common noise...
  18. Rear wheel out of wack

    Hey, this is my first post on this forums so i’m not sure if this is in the right section but I thought I’d give it a shot. Anyways, my Mustang had been feeling a bit odd for a couple of days and I finally decided to check my rear end, my right rear tire (which was replaced new not even a month...