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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Week ago today, I was tanking up when I looked down to see the word “inside” facing me on my Corsa 4. For a second I stared in disbelief. I looked at the others and sure enough, three of the four tires had “inside” facing out. I promptly went to the tire shop to complain and schedule a...
  2. What has owning a mustang taught you?

    I have only about 5K on the Pirellis Corsa 4s. And 2Ks on the Continental DSW 06 Plus. When the Corsa 4s are worn out I will leave the Continentals on full time.
  3. What has owning a mustang taught you?

    Mine is the same. 2020 HPP, built in Feb 2020 and rock solid, tight as a drum. Great Magnetic paint.
  4. New Mustang Price Increases Coming - Effective April 13, 2022

    I was lucky I ordered mine in early February, 2020 at invoice. It was delivered Mar 17 the week everything shut down. I told the dealer I would not take delivery until things opened up a bit. They were very cool, no pressure, “It’s yours, come get it when you’re comfortable.” Each Sunday I...
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Last night at Costco. Windows down. Cart wranglers in the lot. Younger guy points at the Mustang asks an older guy, "What car is that?" “That's a Camaro,” he says. If I had been hit with a cattle prod I could not have been more shocked and hurt. Don't know if he is was messing with him or...
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Swapped out my all-season Continentals for the Pirelli Corsa 4s. Now it will probably snow, right?
  7. Trade 2021 GT Premium for 2022 Mach1? Yes or No?

    Uh, what’s on your hood?
  8. Anyone else not get active exhaust?

    When I take my spouse out she insists on quiet mode. I do track when I am alone. Glad it was standard on the HPP.
  9. HPP Mustang v Challenger rental

    Last week rented a Challenger on the Big Island. Base 305-hp V-6 with eight-speed automatic. Pros: a. Much better gas millage than my HPP. Always around 28 mpg or so, impressed. b. Much bigger trunk than my HPP. c. Has 43K miles on it and it was fairly rattle free. Cons: a. It's...
  10. Track Review - 2.3 High Performance v 5.0 GT

    I'll never run my HPP on a track like this, but it is cool to see someone drive it who knows what they are doing.
  11. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    I think we're two ships sailing past each other in the dark. I am talking about how the cars look. You are talking about the cars too small and which cars are competing with one another. That may be important to you. That is fine. You do you. But the size of the car and who it competes...
  12. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    Buy a Supra? Well, to each their own, but I cannot get past that styling. I really don’t care how great a car performs if I don’t like the looks. For that reason I don’t like the CTR, the new 4 series coupe grill, the current Supra. I do understand styling is very subjective. On the other...
  13. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    I will grant you your nice winters. But come August isn’t it 113 degrees with the heat index?
  14. New 2021 BMW M4 manual.

    Yep, fuel pump was one, valve cover gasket leaks twice, I think. Drains plugged on the roof and filled the spare tire wheel well with water where a billion dollars of electronics were installed. WTF? What type of engineering is that? I am under no illusions my HPP has Toyota-like...
  15. New 2021 BMW M4 manual.

    That's great, I wish I could have had the same experience. Bought a 2007 530Xi Touring in 2012. Every six months it was $2K for something. Left my wife stranded twice. Used the highest rated independent BMW mech in the city, who did great work, but it was tiresome.
  16. New 2021 BMW M4 manual.

    Never ever have a BMW that is out of warranty. From first hand experience I can tell you they will eat you alive.
  17. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    No one collects HPPs. 😁
  18. PP1 Wheels Tire Size Setup Question

    I have Continental DWS 06 Plus 275/40/19 all around on my HPP wheels, 9.5 Inch. With the Magneride I really like how it handles. Not as gripping as the Corsa 4s summer tires, but then again I can use them in 45 degree and below. 😀
  19. 📈 Mustang December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 4,564 Sold / 7,495 Produced

    So glad I ordered mine. Got exactly what I wanted and because of the pandemic I got it at invoice with 0% Ford financing. About the only time I ever lucked out buying a car because of timing.