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  1. Performance pack gauge wiring

    Looking for what each wire is for the performance pack gauges. Putting in an aftermarket boost and oil pressure gauges and need to know which is power ground etc etc so I can hook up my new ones. Any help is appreciated!
  2. 2015 whipple mustang gt p2196 & p2198

    Just had p2196 and p2198 come on. Have had the whipple on for about a month now and been driving fine. Checked for air leaks after the MAF, good there. Removed my boost a pump, didn’t change. Checked the charts for the sensor voltages and from what I can tell they are changing per afr. Noticed...
  3. Whipple thermostat

    Yup, thanks guys. Without ac on or heat, ect went up to 185 then the thermostat opened, dropped to 175 and was rising which is normal. Turned on ac so the fans would come on, dropped to 175 and was very stable. Win! 😁
  4. Whipple thermostat

    If I'm sitting at idle with the ac off no, I know it's going to warm up until the fans kick in. But with the ac on or cruising with flow through the radiator? It's hotter than the factory thermostat.
  5. Whipple thermostat

    Got it today will be installing it tomorrow, will let you guys know!
  6. Whipple thermostat

    I've done every possible test I can think of, even threw vacuum at the cooling system thinking I have a massive air bubble behind the thermostat, no changes. I will order the Reisch and give it a try.
  7. Whipple thermostat

    Hmm. I can understand that. I just measured with an infrared thermometer while the ect was around 195. Upper hose is about 165 and the lower hose is around 95. I did get a Murray thermostat from work and it is another motorad 😒
  8. Whipple thermostat

    Been having an issue with the thermostat. While driving at cruise it will steadily increase until I don’t feel comfortable and will downshift and lift. During deceleration it will plummet 10-15 degrees, then as I resume it will slowly increase again. It’s the 160 thermostat, I’ve done probably...
  9. Whipple intercooler pump harness

    There are 2 relays and harness. Yes that single wire plug next to the grey is power for the fans.
  10. Whipple intercooler pump harness

    I have the fan upgrade. I understand wiring. Simply was asking if they sent me the wrong harness which I believe they did not. Sorry I did not include all the needed info in my first post. After looking towards the back of the manual, it seems the single red wire with connector goes to the fans...
  11. Whipple intercooler pump harness

    So I found this diagram searching, thinking they updated the design but no mention of it in the manual yet. I take it by this diagram the ic pump gets power from another source?
  12. Whipple intercooler pump harness

    Hey guys back again. Ran into an issue. The ic harness I got doesn’t have the blue plug. Is this the wrong one? 2015 gt
  13. Oil pump gears help

    Dropping the pan worked, back together and timed. Thanks for the help! I have another question but that will be in another thread
  14. Oil pump gears help

    So I’m having a hell of a time getting that last 10mm bolt on the oil pump pickup tube. Any tips? Can’t get my fingers down there to spin it by hand and my ratcheting wrench doesn’t have enough tension to click back. You think I could loosen up the oil pan so the front drops down a little so I...
  15. The whipple wait

    Yes ordered from beefcake racing. Whipple ships it out, only reason I can think there was no notification
  16. The whipple wait

    Standard black, no tracking info. Just showed up
  17. The whipple wait

    I ordered mine around Black Friday, got it today, just to give an idea.
  18. South Carolina 2015-2017 Ecoboost Flywheel and Clutch Disc

    Selling some things I have leftover from when I had the Ecoboost. Both of these are new never opened. McLeod Ceramic Clutch Disk - $175 Fidanza Billet Aluminum Flywheel - $325 I'll sell them both at $500 shipped...