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  1. 2018 10 speed Sloppy shifting when hot

    Also live in texas and i've never noticed it. If you are in normal mode (if you have drive modes) and are driving casually - it's going to feel lazy - especially in low speed driving. The transmission adapts constantly to how you are driving. Take it out on the highway and give it a few high...
  2. Stupid question: Indicated NA vacuum at WOT

    The digital dash reads as low as 0.8 inHG during full throttle and the gauge sits *just* above 0 on mine.
  3. Auto-trans indicator lights

    My '19 401A isn't illuminated. It also only came with one horn, which was horrible.. i fixed that easily though.
  4. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Freshly detailed. 🌟
  5. Which one of these floor mats is better?

    Weathertech here - perfect fit, not slippery, easy to clean and look great!
  6. Video: Making an automatic 10R80 shift like a manual.

    It really is such a dynamic transmission. Its an absolute animal when it adapts to your driving style. If you drive like a 'normal' person it will treat you like one... if you start doing a few high rpm shifts - it will turn into a beast and do 3 high rpm downshifts in a row when you get on...
  7. Video: Making an automatic 10R80 shift like a manual.

    So i do this every so often with the 10 speed - because i love the way a manual sounds when it shifts (and i drove one for over 20 years exclusively). I stuck a go pro on the rear bumper to capture the sound. Yeah, its a bit silly (and i switch to regular paddle shifting at 40 seconds) but...
  8. Video: Rear bumper sound comparison of active exhaust with H pipe resonator delete

    Hello all: I made this video for anyone who is wondering what an H pipe resonator delete sounds like in all of the different active exhaust modes. I put a go-pro on the rear bumper to record the video/sound. Free revving exhaust sounds just don't do it justice - and that's most of what you...
  9. Just took car for there's a slight burning smell at idle, and a wet spot (see pic)

    My guess is that they only dropped a portion of the undershield when they changed the filter and didnt clean it. Probably dropped the filter onto the shield and it got everywhere and made a mess. Now oil from the old filter is sitting up there and leaking down - the burning smell - it...
  10. Need pictures of 19 PP1 under body

    Not sure if this helps, but i took a short video driving over the camera on mine just to see what it would look like. 😂
  11. 18 GT P0304 and P0307 codes

    You need to have a cam/crank relearn done - it can be done with a high level scan tool, or the dealer. Also, i believe most handheld tuners can do it as well.
  12. Who Names Their Cars and What Is It?

    Mine is simply named 'Kona' (because of the color), however my niece calls it "sonic"
  13. Shelby GT500 Airbag Fail

    This video reminds me of a time that someone was replacing an airbag module on a dodge nitro. They didn't disconnect the battery and turned the module upside down and it set off every airbag! The car thought it had flipped over and *BOOM*. That one wasn't fake... but a very costly and...
  14. Shelby GT500 Airbag Fail

    That almost doesn't seem possible. There are no wires anywhere near where he was pushing, but it certainly looks real.
  15. 10 speed auto appreciation thread

    This should help explain it.
  16. 10 speed auto appreciation thread

    I drove a manual transmission in every car i owned for almost 25 years! I was *that guy* who looked down on autos and vowed to always have a manual. All it took was one test drive in the new 10 speed to change my mind! The intelligence of the shift logic behind it is incredible. Taking...
  17. I was gonna mod the new car, but changed my mind.

    I changed my air filter, added a catch can, and removed the resonator. I don't plan to change anything else. It's perfect as is.
  18. H pipe and resonators w/active?

    Cold start: Normal driveby: Drive by and full throttle: I have a lot more, including interior as well if you are interested. Sounds phenomenal, and the cost and ease of install is the best part.
  19. 2019 GT PP1 1st gear weird spinning noise

    Pictures of the gear drive for the pump: