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  1. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    This a photoshop or for real? Great pic either way!
  2. Ford GT and Mustang GT had a baby- umm never seen this body kit before

    Big Pfizer is doing the new body kit for the DDE Ferrari, he does good work and is involved in a lot of one off builds for movies and other projects.
  3. Collision Assist Fault MY21.5 GT Coupe

    I agree it can be dangerous, it’s a bit of a catch 22 because it saved my ass from a small bingle in my Golf 7R while somebody was ringing me but on the other hand it malfunctioned at least once in a Bunnings car park and locked up the brakes but luckily nobody was behind me. In my Mustang I...
  4. 22 Mustang GT vs. 2019 Mercedes-AMG E63 S

    Is your car auto or manual either way it’s an L Haha. The twin clutch of the AMG is quick plus AWD for traction and turbo’s on top of that = bye bye
  5. 10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    Can somebody explain the S mode on the shifter compared to D. When I put it in race mode or Sport + with the toggle do I also have to put the shifter to S? I haven’t really noticed any difference in shifting characteristics between the two besides when you drop a gear while in S it stays in that...
  6. GT Active Valve Exhaust

    Quiet mode is great if you start work early like I do.
  7. Couldn’t pass up a good deal for a second S550

    Not sure how much you weigh mate but if you are around the 100kg mark like me, the normal seats are way more comfy than the recaros.
  8. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    Nice one mate, did you buy local or from the US? If you have a link it would be appreciated. Did you install yourself? My GT came without a spoiler like most oz spec cars, I get a bit of anxiety thinking about drilling the boot but love the look of that spoiler.

    It looks close to my Magnetic but with a little bit of purple in it.
  10. Now this is dedication (Ecoboost > Bullitt)

    Yep I’m with the other posters , I don’t get this guy at all. Just wait and save your money for another year or two and buy the real thing. I’m sure he spent way more money upgrading his eco rather than buying the real thing. I guess he just can’t drive a manual. 1 of 1 like he says…..1 of 1...
  11. Magnaride damper ride quality

    Considering my last two cars had adaptive dampers , there was no way I was going to go backwards when purchasing my new 2020 Mustang. Magneride was a must have. Love it! Comfort mode with the baby in the back back seat, race mode on the solo Sunday twisty run.
  12. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    I was the same, not only in the Mustang but in a truck as well but with all these little kids getting run over in parents driveways I’ve learned to have a quick peek in the camera while mainly using my mirrors.
  13. Window Tint Photos?

    I think 20% is the perfect answer when you combine. Day/Night visibility and Safety.
  14. Track Review - 2.3 High Performance v 5.0 GT

    Unfortunately our GT’s don’t come with the strut brace as standard, I think they are a combination of the PP1 and the Premium.
  15. Your opinion on personalized license plates...

    No, but I would get “illiili” if it didn’t cost an extra $255 per year on top of your normal registration fees. It’s all good nothing came of that letter from “traffic watch”. It’s your word verse mine unless you have a dash cam and even then, the cops won’t waste their time unless it’s serious.
  16. Your opinion on personalized license plates...

    I like the idea of being anonymous and I want my plate to be at least a little bit difficult to remember. I’ve already had one letter in the mail that somebody reported my driving.
  17. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    I feel your pain man. This has to be the last time you ever use one of these car buying services. The stress is not worth it IMO. I’m getting stressed out just by reading all the issues you have had with this company and their cars.
  18. Winter driving

    Even though I live in a warm climate with no snow, but I work in a quarry where my car gets covered with dust/dirt daily. At one stage when I had my E92 M3 , I had a beater car so I wouldn’t get the M3 dirty but I came to the same conclusion as you. I rather drive and maintain my Mustang than...
  19. exterior mods pics please

    How are the Lambo doors working for you? They look amazing in the pics!