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  1. Fixed my 2018 GT's 10R80

    This, I was mainly curious on labor cost.
  2. Purge valve on whipple

    I was going to mention that since mine does the same and it's usually when you barely push the throttle and let off immediately.
  3. New Roush install. Bucking/surging/hesitating. Logs attached

    Good to hear and roush leaves some power on the table with their tune.
  4. New Roush install. Bucking/surging/hesitating. Logs attached

    I had that issue on my 14 and after a couple of revised tunes, it took care of it. If you want the most power, I'd stay away from the roush tune.
  5. The whipple wait

    Mine took right at 20 weeks when I ordered mine right around BF 2020.
  6. How I make 630 WHP safely and reliably for under $3000

    Nice build and write up. I'll stick with my whipple since I always have the power readily available and the way I drive, I'd be filling the bottle way too much.
  7. G2 Caliper Paint

    I made decals for my painted G2 calipers last summer out of high temp 3m vinyl and they are still looking great without clear.
  8. Is this power achievable with this build ?

    If he wants 700 out of the motor and not the wheels it's shouldn't be an issue. That's around 600whp.
  9. Roush Stage 3 value?

    MPG may suck around town, but driving an SC stang is a hell of a lot more fun than stock and worth the more fill ups.
  10. Is this power achievable with this build ?

    It's doable especially if you go catless with a oct. booster.
  11. Tire question

    One of the guys at lethal runs 275/305 with no issues.
  12. Tire question

    I was running 285s up front and 305 G2s and this year since I bought more rims, I'll be running 275s in front and 305s riis in the rear. To me, the 285s looked too big in the front.
  13. Perfect launch from a dig in a boosted 6R80

    I can't remember since it's been a few years since I drove a 6r80, but can you launch in 2nd gear? Might help a little with spin.
  14. Perfect launch from a dig in a boosted 6R80

    Feathering the throttle is about the only way to get a good launch without DR's.
  15. Future of Mustang V8 . . . Hydrogen powered.

    Some are planning for it to take off. Nikola is building a hydrogen not far from my house with the main use will be for transportation.
  16. Indiana members

    Terre Haute here.
  17. TPMS Sensors

    I'll be having the same ones installed Monday. From what I've searched, they have good reviews.
  18. Are the body gaps on the Camaro as bad as the Mustang?

    The only gap I have is the one I put on camaros!🤣
  19. Car shutdown completely after a run and would not crank unless jumped?

    Did you check the volts at the battery once you got it started to rule out the alt?
  20. OPG

    Same here, I didn't run them on my boosted 13, 14 and now my 19. I bought them and planned to install them until I rad some were having issues with tolerances with the gears and pump housing so I sold my gears after I installed my whipple.