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  1. Prices are on the rise......

    It looks like PP0001 is already chatting with the owner about the lower stripes. :sunglasses:
  2. Any Houston Dealer Recommendations for GT350 Warranty Work?

    I took mine into Gullo Ford in Conroe for oil changes, but they always seemed to have other Shelby's in the service area or in the back. With all of the cars I saw getting worked on, they must have a mechanic who is certified for them.
  3. Voodoo Swap In My 63.5 Falcon, almost done

    Awesome build! My FIL had a red one that we used to call Falcon-Eddy. He had it for a couple of years and then, it was stolen right out of his garage. I guess someone liked it more than he did...
  4. *** Odd Photo Request ***

    You might be able to copy the matching border pattern from the left side and overlay it on the right side to cover up the writing.
  5. 2022 GT500 - Not doing allocations this year?

    Do you have a name of the dealer?
  6. Prices are on the rise......

    The best way is to contact the real owner who has it for sale on CL in AZ. He can get the right people involved if he cares.
  7. Are Vroom offers to buy your car legitimate?

    Are you selling it or just getting estimates?
  8. Are Vroom offers to buy your car legitimate?

    Very strange indeed. They paid me $1300 more for my 2018 GT350 with 3K miles. They already had several GT350s for sale on their website and a couple of previous generation GT500s, so I am not sure why they did make you a better offer on your car. Maybe the money train is starting to dry up at...
  9. Are Vroom offers to buy your car legitimate?

    I did the same thing with my wife’s SUV. The dealer matched the highest price when we bought her Explorer ST using X-Plan, a $1250 PCO and a $500 rebate. :sunglasses:
  10. gt500 RC car

    Yes! The eco boost version will be a 5.0 GT car, the 5.0 GT will be a GT350 car and the GT500 will be a …. MACH E :crackup:
  11. gt500 RC car

    Interesting that the website says GT350, but the picture is clearly a GT500…
  12. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    It is a very nicely appointed 7-seat SUV. She likes the large panoramic roof and the captain chairs in the second row. She was not a fan of the all black interior, but she really likes the black accents on the outside. With the 3rd row rear seats down, the cargo space in the back is excellent...
  13. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    I just bought a Rapid Red Explorer ST for my wife and my local Texas dealer honored my X-Plan price. I also used a $1250 PCO, a $500 rebate and 0% financing for 60 months. I figured there was no reason to use my own money if Ford was going to give me their money for free. They matched my...
  14. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    I doubt he is jealous as he already owns his GT500. He is more of a reality check guy.
  15. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    As others have commented, it might be possible to find one at MSRP, but it will take a lot of leg work on your part. If the principle of paying ADM irks you, you might have to wait and buy a lightly used one in a couple of years. After many months of searching in 2019, I bought my 2018 GT350...
  16. 2020 Shelby GT500 and GT350 Dealer Allocation

    How are you searching to find 14 GT500s in SA? Ford dealer inventory, Autotrader, ??
  17. 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    A good vinyl shop can replicate the factory stripes in any color you want.
  18. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    Please enlighten us on these other "same performance" cars you can buy for cheaper than $80K without aftermarket modifications.
  19. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    Nice try, but a $19.99 Walmart item is no near the same discussion as an $80-105K automobile and I think you know it. :wink:
  20. 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    You probably have seen this thread, but there is a lot of great detail on how the OTT painted stripes are applied to a GT500: