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  1. Track Attack

    Enjoyed my time last week. I’m amazed in what these cars can do after taking a ride with a pro driver.
  2. 2022 Mach 1 exhaust manifold
  3. Looking for Track Tires

    I guess it depends on how hard one is going to drive the car during the occasional track day...that may clarify whether PS4s would still be appropriate, or whether an owner should have a better dedicated track day wheel/tire setup.
  4. Looking for Track Tires

    After attending the Mach 1 Track Attack today, I was amazed at how hard/fast the car could be driven on PS4s.
  5. B&O Sound system vs Shaker

    Concur....was a decent upgrade for minimal cost / work.
  6. Ceramic Coating - Fighter Jet Gray Questions

    Just coated mine yesterday. Was concerned coating the matte finish, but went ahead and coated as others noted it would make the matte glossy. No problem…just made slightly darker/deeper. First time coating all exterior plastic trim, but that worked well for me.
  7. What did you do to your M1 today

    Had PPF installed on portion of hood, front bumper, mirrors, and headlights. Brought it home to wash and polish, before applying Adams Advance Graphene coating. The pic is right after polish.
  8. That didn’t take long; first BaT car?

    Will be interesting to see what it brings. There is the 5% buyer premium on top as well…I purchased a car via BaT a few years ago.
  9. Should I sell mine?

    I agree, which is why I purchased mine without HP as well. My primary thought in having numbers is simply knowing that difference on a track. My thought as well and my only potential change is for the wider wheels and track tire.
  10. Hood stripe bubbles

    My thoughts as well. Using a pressure washer for a car for a car should have a lighter touch....its not concrete.
  11. Should I sell mine?

    I would be interested in seeing a similar comparison between HP and non-HP Mach 1's.
  12. What did you do to your M1 today

    Nice…I was there as well with a few friends from work. Mine is in this pic….about 6 cars down from yours…same row.
  13. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    Wow...that was easy with the connector. I opened the "latch" on the back as you did, but didn't even try to gently pull on the connector.....I was trying to use a "de-pinning" tool.
  14. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    I have already done mine as well....hardest part was pulling off the trim ring without breaking. I would be interested in seeing how to "de-pin" a connector. I know how to do on others, but could figure out on this particular connector with the tool I had.
  15. 2022 Mach 1 Handling Package-Yay or Nay?

    I've been happy with a non-HP version, and am looking forward to taking it out on the track this summer. My only change over time may be the HP style wheels...simply to have a second set of wheels. From what I have seen so far, most "non competitive" drivers are not going to care in a couple...
  16. Pre cut PPF…anyone tried?

    Yep. I don’t mind giving it a try though. Like anything, a bit of practice and a few tips here and there would help.
  17. Pre cut PPF…anyone tried?

    Gave it a try over the weekend, and was only successful (or happy) with headlights, but couldn’t get the mirrors to lay down correctly, so I didn’t even try the hood. I think it would have been easier to try a bulk material vs a precut. Maybe I’ll give that a try on one of my other vehicles...
  18. Pre cut PPF…anyone tried?

    I received the precut material, and hope to find time in the next week to apply. After looking over the car and watching a number of YouTube videos, looks like I’ll apply in this order (easiest first)….headlights, mirrors, then front portion of the hood.
  19. LED Front Side Markers Bulb Out

    I agree these are easy and quick, but they are not water proof / resistant. Unfortunately, I have seen these cut the wire almost in half when using. Found this out the hard way when we moved from the States to England for three years. A local shop used these to splice into the existing...
  20. LED Front Side Markers Bulb Out

    I wouldnt want to use that type of splice connector in my vehicle though...they seem to sever/damage the wiring inside of the insulation.