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  1. I need new ceramic coating.

    The coating itself isn’t the expensive part nor is it hard to do. It’s all the work and time you put into prep before the ceramic can be applied. That’s what a majority of the cost is. Mcs- as for stripping mine. Unsure yet. Longitivity will all depend on washes, rain or daily driver. And...
  2. I need new ceramic coating.

    I am really loving the new cquartz SIC ceramic. I did my new hood in it but the rest of the car was done in the cquartz euro which requires you to apply a coat of the reload every now and again. But the new SIC formula doesn't require it since it is actually slicker than the reload. Its a...
  3. Completely Transformed…

    You are correct about the pin holes for washer nozzle line. But it stays right against the hood on mine anyways. My hood doesn’t get hot. Also, had to remove the liner with the whipple anyways. I only throw my rain tray in for a wash or if by fluke it rains when I’m out in it. Easy in and...
  4. Completely Transformed…

    I’ll have to look n see then. Lol. Maybe.
  5. Completely Transformed…

    Not sure what you mean by not having the right holes. Mine went in/on totally fine and installed new rubber air seal pieces that go over the headlights on the hood as well.
  6. Iowa 2019 PP1 Whippled A10

    Well they brand new in the box. Don’t need to sell em and if I can track down a 3.15 center section, they are going in.
  7. Exhaust Tip question regarding all S550 Model Years And scroll.....
  8. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    Not at all. No tune adjustment needed/required. You can see right through the tru x as well. Just has little baffling holes and then surrounded by packing. But it’s a straight through design.
  9. Drag pack on eibach sportlines

    That may be too much. I’m on BMR drag springs. 1.2”fr and .5”rear. And drag pack sizes like you state but 18x4 in front. Everyday wheels 19/10fr-11r for stree with 325.
  10. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    I did the same after LTH install. Removed Steeda x pipe and replaced with magnaflow tru x. I have stock active mufflers and it’s absolutely perfect. All modes work but when you get on it in track. It’s loud but perfect. But just fyi- once installed it will seem quiet but will liven up after...
  11. Brake rotor question... UGHHHHH, I am a squid!

    Do some G2 caliper paint whatever color your heart desires. I did that and the Baer eradispeed 2 piece rotors and z26 powerstop pads. I also put a coat of ceramic on the hats to keep em nice.. OCD

    Yes, factory calipers painted with the G2 caliper paint. I did dremel down all the casting lines on the rear calipers before painting them.

    same if not lighter.
  14. Springs rates too stiff?

    I’m running BMR drag springs. I stiff have the pp1 front struts but when I had threat factory shocks on it, it road like a lumber wagon. Could feel every crack in road n just bouncing in the e seat. I switch to Viking crusader rear shocks and absolutly night n day. Now you don’t need those...
  15. Ice white mustang Taillights

    Yup. I like em.