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  1. Suggestions on quiet suspension and tires

    Well, the Mach 1 I ordered likely will not come in this year. So, that said, I am looking for a way to get better ride quality. I have the stock 20" wheels and stock Goodyear A/S performance tires. I realize the tires are part of the poor ride quality. So, I am in the process of looking for a...
  2. I can’t wait any longer for my Mach1 to be built 😖

    that's not what happened last year. I got a VIN from Ford within a week. Then nothing for several months. Then a production date, then they changed it several times, then they gave a delivery date, then they changed that twice.
  3. I can’t wait any longer for my Mach1 to be built 😖|Mach...
  4. I can’t wait any longer for my Mach1 to be built 😖

    That's the color I ordered as well. Great minds think alike!
  5. I can’t wait any longer for my Mach1 to be built 😖

    For a VIN? Really? Wow. It took 5 months to get the M1 last year, but I still got the VIN in a few days. I am starting to wonder if I will get the car this year.
  6. I can’t wait any longer for my Mach1 to be built 😖

    I ordered my '22 M1 about 2 months ago. No VIN yet. In Jan '21 I ordered a '21 M1 and got the VIN in 3 days. Zach at Granger says he has no idea when the VIN will be available. The dealerships are hurting bad, I think with no inventory to sell. I am getting close to just canceling the order...
  7. Springs rates too stiff?

    Interesting reading. I sold my M1 last summer because of things beyond my control. But I have done suspension stuff on other S550s as well as having owned a Bullitt with Magneride, but the Bullitt was just PP1 with mag ride. I have since ordered another M1 in auto. So, I can say, to me, the M1...
  8. No More Camaros After 2023!!! Will Mustangs Follow???

    And, you still have to use oil to make them, And, the oil used in the gearboxes have PBB a known carcinogen in them. Talk to farmers that did this 5-10 years ago and there are many sad stories associated with them. It is simply ridiculous! But, we live in a world of feelings. If it feels good...
  9. No More Camaros After 2023!!! Will Mustangs Follow???

    I think you miss the fact that no technology is renewable. The cost of producing wind generators is significant and uses tons of fossil fuels to make. The lifespan is purported to last 25 years but there is now evidence that many don't make it 5 years. The parts end up in a landfill. Made of...
  10. No More Camaros After 2023!!! Will Mustangs Follow???

    This is absolutely correct. Well known. Politics are keeping us poor and dependent on government. In 1920 there were 421 publicly traded automobile companies on the NYSE. Today only one is left which has not gone bankrupt: F Markets demand determines pricing and product. In a free market it...
  11. No More Camaros After 2023!!! Will Mustangs Follow???

    If you look at the following graph you will see the effects of politics on oil prices. Certain folks in government are sold on the evils of fossil fuels and nuclear power and create a hostile environment for oil producers to fit their beliefs. What they fail to see is that you still need to...
  12. No More Camaros After 2023!!! Will Mustangs Follow???

    On top of those comments, the biggest issue is finding the raw materials for the EVs. I can remember reading that current known supplies of lithium, cobalt and nickel are less than demand which will create some real issues. Also as fuel prices rise, so do related fossil fuels such as coal, oil...

    If it is a Mach 1 it needs the stripe in my opinion.
  14. I hate deer

    Yep. Good choice. I have a 2022 eruption green Mach 1 on order with Zach...
  15. I hate deer

    I eat deer. 4 this last fall. They are large, destructive rats. When I lived up north I hit 4 in 5 years. Usually safest to not brake or swerve. They react to weird car movements and seem to move toward you when you brake or swerve. Very weird. They have ruined so many farms in MI to the point...
  16. Mach 1 vs GT vs Camaro SS Exhaust?

    The Mach 1 exhaust note is different than the GT with active valve exhaust. If you are planning on putting a blower on it, the exhaust will sound different. Then it will be an exhaust note that is unquestionably the best I have ever heard.
  17. Dipstick reading after oil change

    Yes. That is correct. The engine actuall takes about 10.5 quarts if you top it off.
  18. Eruption Green Mustangs Start Arriving at Dealers

    I saw an eruption green Bronco today. Love the color. I ordered an M1 in Egreen. Best green color since forest green on my 1968 Fairlane.
  19. Couldn’t pass up a good deal for a second S550

    I have had 2 from time to time. A stick and an auto. Neither one alone does it.
  20. Updated - New Long Block for Blue Smoke on Passenger side exhaust

    Could be a lot of stuff. I would take it to the dealership. Have them inspect. Might be a bad ring. valve oil seal. Could be something up with the emissions as in a bad pvc pulling engine oil/vapor.