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  1. New York Brand New JLT COLD AIR

    still available? For ecoboost?
  2. Forscan for a 2019 Ecoboost

    How do I change things with Forscan on my 2019 Ecoboost? Should I use the App or download it onto my computer? What can I change? I really just want to get rid of the fake engine noise and ANC.
  3. 2019 Ecoboost performance pack rims

    Only ones I saw were north of $350.
  4. 2019 Ecoboost performance pack rims

    Is there anywhere I can buy a new rim for my 2019 Ecoboost performance pack. They’re the factory black rims. My wife hit a curb and scratched the rim to hell.
  5. Steeda ultralite Gtrac brace

    went to install the steeda 2 point g trac brace today on my wife’s ecoboost and noticed the brace contacts the transmission. Car is a 2019 Ecoboost performance pack auto (10 speed). I used both provided shims and it still needed more than a 1/4 in to clear the trans. Called steeda and the...

    I have talked to many people on the ecoboost forum who still use the stock rotors on track. Again, ford does extensive testing on these cars, if it really was an issue they wouldn’t have used it. Also, I noticed my father in laws M3 has the same rotor set up while I was doing a pad swap on it a...

    Personally I do not think the rotors are an issue. I believe it is more of a pad and fluid problem as well as people over braking on track. For fluid, I would say go with some Motul DOT4 and pads go with something like GLOC or Hawk meant for track duty, can’t say what to use in the mustang as my...

    I have not swapped any yet, but do have a set of slotted rotors (from rock auto) and some hawk pads sitting on the shelf in the garage. It is my wife’s car and she probably won’t do a bunch of track days, but she will autocross with me so I don’t want to swap to Brembos. It’s been rather cold...
  9. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    They had initially told me the kit was $580 with tax. I guess if I order from Levitown and bring it in it'll be cheaper which is what I was planning on. Looks like I'm stuck with around $650-700.
  10. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    How much were you quoted for install? My dealer just quoted me $850 for the kit and install.
  11. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    Yep, that's what leads me to believe it was a cost thing. Keep their cost lower and profit higher.
  12. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    No change to the front fascia was made for 2018 on the GT350. But the Bullitt does have a open filter like the GT350.
  13. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    Possibly, I think the main reason why Ford is only sending the K&N filter is just for profit margin. 15-17 Ecoboost $699 MSRP on the kit with the GT350 Filter vs $635 for the 18-19 kit with the K&N. By seeing negligible gains between the two, they increase their profit margin by taking out a...
  14. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    Then explain the Bullitt mustang for 2019? It has the same GT350 filter.
  15. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    So if any ASE certified tech can do the install, anyone know of one in the South Atlanta Metro area? I do not want to go to the dealer for it cause I know they will try to charge me an arm and a leg for it.
  16. 2018 Support Now Available!

    Or a twin turbo straight 6 Supra, or a turbocharged 4cyl evo, or a V6 ford GT. There will always be a faster car regardless of number of cylinders or age of the driver. Its just not worth trying to be faster than the next guy.
  17. 2018 Support Now Available!

    There will always be someone with a faster car. Its a good thing to remember.
  18. 2018 ecoboost exhuast

    The GT is completely different from the ecoboost in terms of sound levels. Most tracks don't really enforce the sound level anyways. I've never been kicked off a track or even had it mentioned my challenger was too loud. Not to mention most tracks measure at 50ft, where when you measured at idle...
  19. 2018 ecoboost exhuast

    I can guarantee you it doesn't. My Challenger has a 392 hemi, long tubes and no mufflers, I don't get yelled at when I'm at the track for it and the level there is 95dB.
  20. 2018 ecoboost exhuast

    Drone is almost non-existent with the 10 speed auto. MBRP race sounds the best for the ecoboost in my opinion, and gives a little more power by having the larger piping from the Cat back.