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  1. ForScan experts please!!!

    How did you figure this out? I have a GT350 and did the swap for the premium screen, I've gotten everything to work but the drive modes to work, somehow this was disabled. Do you have more info on a 2015 GT350 or anywhere you think the problem will be?
  2. Gt350 oil cooler install help?!

    Thank you!! I’ll look those up
  3. Gt350 oil cooler install help?!

    That’s a weird thing to say, you can put that gage in a mustang gt and it will show you that , cause even the mustang gt keeps track of the heat just not cooling but anyway thanks for the help I guess
  4. Gt350 oil cooler install help?!

    So is that a no or yes on any help on the install? It’s a 2015 and the 2015 you had to pick the tech or track so they didn’t automatically Come with the coolers but still besides the point looking for anyone who can help me thanks
  5. Gt350 oil cooler install help?!

    Hey my car didn’t come with the oil cooler but on eBay I bought the cooler and the lines. Does anyone know what else I would have to get to make it work? Any help would be so grateful
  6. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    Ok thanks I’ll take the chance
  7. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    I have a base car that had no puddle light at all, if I buy a factory mirror with a puddle light will it be plug and play or will I have to try and wire it in? Please let me know thank you
  8. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    I tried looking up the mirrors with the cobra puddle lamp but a few come up on Ford. Does anyone know the part number to the mirrors with the built in cobra lamp?
  9. Turn signals on the Mirrors???

    Can someone please help me. My car had base mirrors. I bought premium mirrors with the turn signal and puddle light. I swapped them and the power to the mirror works but the turn light and puddle light down turn on. Does anyone know the wiring I have to add? please help
  10. Turn signals on the Mirrors???

    Short answer yes! I have. The harness does plug straight in. However the extra wire for the the turn signal and communication network isn’t there so has to be added.
  11. Exhaust actuator harness help

    If anyone can help me with this, It would be a amazing help, does anyone have the part number of the harness that the exhaust valve actuator plug into. I have the two small wires from the actuator but I need to know what harness I need to plug them into. Please help if you know, thanks
  12. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but for anyone doing the 4" to 8" upgrade I'm selling my GT350R premium bezel. I'm also gonna sell the screen and CD player and conversion harness, so if anyone needs anything let me know. Heres a link to the bezel i have it up on eBay...
  13. Track mode enable button as built data for sync upgrade

    Not to sound like a idiot but whats the sponsor section? Can anyone please tell me who to call or email, I really want to get the bezel. thank you!
  14. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    I still have the full base system
  15. GT350R


  16. Carbon Fiber Wheels

    Carbon Fiber Wheels

  17. GT350R


  18. OEM Heated and cooled seats

    Thats amazing, Please write how you did it I really want to know
  19. SVE R350 wheels for GT350R?

    Those look really good, i've been looking into those. My only question is what lugs you got? The LMR site said you had to use those weird open lugs that I thought looked pretty bad