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  1. The end of a GT350

    I have a 2020 GT500 as well as owned a 2020 GT350 and numerous other Mustangs over the years. I unequivocally disagree with you. I have driven both of these vehicles to the limits with and without the traction control disabled. The 500 is a complete mess without the traction control strategy...
  2. Anderson Composites GT500 CFTP Wing Showed Up..

    Anyone with experience on the function factory wing? They claim it’s been tested to 182mph.
  3. "You scratched his wheels bro." - Ford service dash cam

    This is the exact reason why my dealer has not touched my GT500. Every time I’ve been to the dealer buying a car or have the oil changed in my truck, I can hear the idiots in the shop revving the heck out of customers mustangs while pulling them in.
  4. 4 GT500's Stolen Right From Flat Rock Plant

    Where were Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie at the time this happened???
  5. Lemon law question

    I’m in Florida and we just had to lemon law our explorer st this past summer. We had to list modifications done to the car( borla exhaust and steeda lowering springs) and Ford reimbursed us for those parts, we just had to show them the receipts. But it sounds like you may be further along in the...
  6. New Shelby American Mustang Teaser - For Dec 15 Reveal

    That Shelby MachE is hideous. And they were focused on reducing weight reduction?? What the heck? Is Shelby American being run by a 5 year old now?
  7. How many miles on your GT500 and what year?!

    Bought in March of 2020 , got 1698 miles. No real good reason why there isn’t more miles other than just not enough time.
  8. Old School Manual Mustang Friend Experiences DCT Equipped 2020 GT500 CFTP for 1st time! (video)

    Those quarter windows don’t do crap for me. Now, my son who drives practically laying down, I think he might use them.
  9. Do the drive settings stick?

    The exhaust cycles to normal for every start up but I do believe on cold starts the valves are wide open. Once the cats are warmed up they close. Once it’s warmed up every ignition cycle after will be a quiet start.
  10. Mach 1 Road Trip Review (1400+ miles in 3 days)

    No, not that I have seen in quite some time. The sonic that used to host them is now gone and Hardee’s asked the Mustang club to leave due to the constant hooning. Haven’t seen anything at hooters. Pretty much the only thing going on is cars and coffee meet every two weeks at two different...
  11. Mach 1 Road Trip Review (1400+ miles in 3 days)

    Very nice looking Mach 1, maybe I’ll see it cruising around Tallahassee while your here.
  12. Mustang Logo - Weird Legs?

    You need to look up a picture of the actual emblem. It becomes pretty apparent that that bump and the funny shape on the front of the rear leg is the fourth leg. Hard to decipher it in a 2 dimensional image.
  13. Beware of McDavid ford

    The day I was to take delivery of mine my salesman called and told to get there as quick as I could, I had planned on going when I got off but ended up going at lunchtime. When I arrived I was rushed into finance after being told that the regional manager had shown up and saw my car and wanted...
  14. 2020 GT500 competes in The World's Greatest Drag Race!! [Motortrend]

    Somebody’s foot got lighter when that 500 started pulling on the C8, I have no doubts.
  15. Who Built Your 2020 GT500 Engine? *UPDATED*

    Congratulations, love the color combo.
  16. Who Built Your 2020 GT500 Engine? *UPDATED*

    I assume this means you got your car today?
  17. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    We’ve all made a decision for various reasons. What is the point here? The Camaro does nothing for me, never has never will. Same can be said of Mustangs for other guys. You’ve ordered what you want, enjoy it have fun with it. I hope it treats you well.
  18. Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    Only if it’s the original color.........
  19. Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    Lincoln calls it Red Carpet Red