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  1. R exhaust

    Surprised to not see the active noise cancellation mentioned. 1) Before starting your car, roll your windows down and open your driver door 2) Crank the engine while keeping the door open 3) Wait 5 sec or so for the revs to calm down 4) Now close the door softly and notice that .5sec after...
  2. Who needs a FL2087 oil filter? Act Fast

    Must be. My local dealer is stocked to the brim on filters and o-rings. I did grab a couple just in case, even though Ford's price is double what Rock Auto's was.
  3. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Also, the recent activity in these threads lead another forum member to ask for assistance in locating the correct fuse on another Ford vehicle, and in that manual it was labeled "Embedded Modem Module" so when looking for the correct fuse, I would search for telematic, modem, tcu, embedded...
  4. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Since this is so old and I had to refresh my own memory, here are a couple reminders: That top picture shows two orange circles where a guy could look (from underneath the car) to find a couple...
  5. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Yes, without the password it will not be able to connect. I have not specifically sought it ought and tested, but I have never noticed any transmissions with Wi-Fi turned off. If it were turned on, I wonder if it would attempt to connect to public networks...
  6. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    I'm not going to guinea pig this one because I'm 99.999999999% certain we already know the answer.
  7. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    You're not paying for the LTE/4G service your car is connecting to, but someone is. This implies the value of the data captured is high enough to warrant adding the modem and having an always-on connection. Therefore it would be very safe to presume the computer would use every opportunity given...
  8. Using front wheel spacers to widen front track

    Good spacers are fine, I think you want hub centric and wheel centric which need to be of certain thickness - someone after me will certainly chime in on exactly which are ok. Plenty of guys tracking on these...
  9. Getting the new rev match feature on our 350s

    Damn thing will catch you off guard for sure.
  10. Recording advice for first trackday in my GT350

    A nice two-camera dashcam setup is automatic and valuable beyond trackdays. The convenience is worth its weight in gold when you have 30min between sessions.
  11. Convert gt350 to gt350r exhaust

    Both 2.5" and 3" pipes have been stated to sound different. The Corsa is 3".
  12. Convert gt350 to gt350r exhaust

    ^ Welding in straight 304 after the X would be ideal, imo.
  13. Convert gt350 to gt350r exhaust

    As others have noted, the only difference between the two exhaust notes is the resonators. Obviously the size of the pipe will greatly impact the sound, but I hadn't considered the material also impacting the sound. What else will have the greatest influence on the sound? I'll take a guess: 1)...
  14. 3 weeks of ownership and the wins continue!

    Incredible. You should check under all the floor mats - in your case it seems highly likely you'll find a winning lottery ticket hidden somewhere.
  15. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Humoring the notion that this is true and we had data police running around checking to make sure everyone was sharing (I know you're not implying this, let's just have some fun). Simple solution: Pull the fuse, pop it, put it back in. "Oops, my modem must be fried." Without a doubt, it's safe...
  16. What is it?

    Oooh interesting. Is it sturdy enough to hold the clutch in?
  17. What is it?

    Looks like some sort of prop, but can't tell from the photo how big it is. I'll take a shot in the dark and likely be way off - Does that part on top match the size of the striker on the hood, trunk, or doors? And if so, could it be from the assembly line rather than transportation?
  18. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    😲 Set of Cup2s, $2000 Father's pyrometer from the 70's, free Hot tips from Billy himself,
  19. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    I know you've already got a solution at hand, so I don't mean to bother as it's just satisfying my curiosity, but I'm wondering what it was looking like like this especially the front to back if it's not too much trouble.
  20. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    Kevin, do you have record of tire temps when it didn't want to turn?