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  1. Sub belt mounting point for factory recaros?

    I have the UPR bracket, are you running in between the bottom and back of the seat, it isn't long enough to wrap around the front of the seat. I havec racequip belts
  2. Sub belt mounting point for factory recaros?

    What's the best way to mount/run the sub belt on Recaro seats in a 15 GT.
  3. Best rear seat delete?

    Full cage going in makes the back seats worthless anyway. Might as well put a nice rear seat delete in. What is a good quality one?
  4. 6R80 or TH400

    Swapping to auto and turbo. Will street drive the car more than strip. 1100+ rwhp. Which do you suggest and why.
  5. California Sold

    while I understand its unlikely, would you sell just the fronts. Cage makes the rears no go for me.
  6. Georgia Calimer stage 3 trans

    Would you sell without the clutch? I'm interested.
  7. Gen 4 whipple sneak peak

    Where did this end up power wise with the gen 4? I'm deciding between upgrading to the 4, or just going gen 5.
  8. [email protected] for Lethal Performance's Project Goldmember!

    Is this a CJ version of the gen 5, or standard gen 5?
  9. Biggest twin turbos

    Is he just running a 6pt cage in there?
  10. Jhatley7's Build thread

    Anything new on this?
  11. Going through O2 sensors....

    I think the angle of the 02s is the cause. if you look up the failures several people had the sensors moved to more like the SW position and no more issues. Although it's generally always been E85 from what I've seen.
  12. Florida Watson Racing 4pt red roll cage

    pics of it installed by chance? does it require rear seat delete?
  13. STFT2 stalls out intermittently

    I cant imagine the system is maxed with 1050s and twin pumps. It does it more often at light throttle and idle, does fine when im on it. I swapped out 02s but didnt look for corrosion on the extensions. Ill check that.
  14. STFT2 stalls out intermittently

    Whipple stage 2 car 3.25 pulley, fore fuel system, PBD Ngauge tune. Exhaust ect ect. Sometimes the STFT2 goes to zero, doesnt move no matter what I do with the throttle, done it at a light, done it driving. Nothing i can figure out that makes it happen. CEL flashes whiles its happening. Lasts...
  15. Fog light delete kit and Whipple tank.

    Guy on instagram fro europe makes them, with or without brake ducts.
  16. Fog light delete kit and Whipple tank.

    Ugh i on have one on ill go snap ome in a minute. But regular spot in ppssenger dife wheel whell