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  1. 20 inch wheel help, SVE Series 3

    SVE Series 3 20x10 - 20x8.5 305/30/20 - 255/35/20 Continental Extreme Contact Sport+ Same overall height of stock, needs no speedo calibration
  2. 305’s enough?

    South Florida guy here.....also have the stage 2 roush. Went with the below as its a daily driver, lots of rain....they do extremely well. EXTREMECONTACT SPORT - SIZE: 305/35ZR20
  3. Anyone use Eibach?

    I went with the Eibach Sportlines.....didnt change shocks or anything else. I dont track the car but do drive it like I stole it. I havent bottomed out, the stance is about as low as I would go....depends how much you want to spend and what you really want out of it.
  4. Exhaust Mods that is louder than stock but no drone?

    I went with the Roush h pipe res sounds great, no drone and noticeably louder.
  5. Supercharger & lowing springs

    Eibach sportlines looks perfectly level to me with Roush2.
  6. Supercharger & lowing springs

    What kind of problem are you thinking.....I dont see how the two are related. Ive had stock suspension supercharged and lowered supercharged.....
  7. Mixed wheel sizes - anyone done this?

    When I bought my 2014 Gt vert (used) it came with AMR 19/20 setup and the tire sizes made the front and rear out of balance to my eye....drove me nuts. Researched and found tire sizes for the GT500 and bought new tires to make it look better. Somehow, if you have OCD like me, it still didnt look...
  8. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Thanks my man.....what do you think...too much?
  9. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Anyone out there? Thanks in advance!!
  10. Need advice, best tire size for 9.5 front 10.5 rear wheels?

    Have 305/30/20 rear on 10s and 255/35/20 on 8.5s.....obviously not a track car. Lowered on Sportlines, no rubbing, no issues. The 305s on a 10 inch rim do not look funny or bulge etc whatsoever...I will post pics if you would like to see.
  11. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Good afternoon all! Wondering if anyone can photoshop a black lowered GT with 20inch SVE Series 3 in light grey and also black, thanks kindly!
  12. Lowered Eibach Sportlines-Black GT-20 inch rim pics please

    Anyone running silver or light grey? I think its 95% black that I see.....thanks!
  13. SVE R357 Wheels

    Nice, what color are they?
  14. Which shocks with Steeda springs?

    My sportlines are a bigger drop and I didnt need camber plates......
  15. Spotted for Sale. 2021 GT 350

    Yup, they both do lol.....I just dont have a 2" gap above my tires!!!

    Yea, those blues are amazing!! Why not a baby blue metallic?
  17. Spotted for Sale. 2021 GT 350

    Still looks like a 4x4
  18. Lowered Eibach Sportlines-Black GT-20 inch rim pics please

    I like it!! For whatever reason he wants to be different I guess!
  19. Lowered Eibach Sportlines-Black GT-20 inch rim pics please

    Hey guys, took my neighbor for a ride in the Phase2 the other day.....he owns mainly exotics, never owned a Mustang. After the ride (I let him drive it hard) he's like how much????? I told him what I paid, he's like Jesus man.....send me you build sheet I am buying one immediately!!!! He has a...