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  1. Trying to buy a Shelby sucks….

    Buy all new cars sucks today thats why I gave up.. Im gonna ride my F150 till the wheels fall off and my GT stays with me till I die
  2. Emissions won't pass because of a possible Tune was installed and turned off the O2 sensors???

    possible tune? If its not tuned and your back to stock why would it fail ?
  3. Crashed my 2020 GT500 CFTP into a Creek High-Speed at the Track! (video)

    Twitchy throttle , the torque curve . Road racer combos are high RPM low torque for a.reason. It was a question mfkers get all twisted up over it.
  4. Crashed my 2020 GT500 CFTP into a Creek High-Speed at the Track! (video)

    not so in this case....hence the crash poncho
  5. Crashed my 2020 GT500 CFTP into a Creek High-Speed at the Track! (video)

    i would think that platform would not be a great one for road racing because if the blower
  6. Clay bar with spray polish?

    I threw out all my clay bars and spray polish... Went to a Nanoskin 6" autoscrub and moved to a sealer called Blackfire game changer ...
  7. If buying Long tubes , What or who’s fit the best?

    American Racing Headers I run in my car,pretty much identical to Kooks and I also have thier full exhaust ,very nice sound but not too loud . 5 years no issues
  8. Which oil

    how many engines you know that failed because they used the wrong brand of oil ? Ill wait........
  9. Beefing up a 10R80

    just curious,weather it be a 10 or 6 speed auto How much stronger can they be made,its really has some small looking parts in there
  10. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    The rod did not break because of a flaw,we over revved the engine,9900 RPM is too much to ask of any steel rod w that stroke (transmission was the culprit) I dont see Scat as much different than Eagle or Manley.. If I have to buy a steel rod I would not hesitate to try them again
  11. S550 GT350 Voodoo supercharged 1980 Mustang

    I dig it,4 eyed fox w a 5.2 seems like fun
  12. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    Kinda what I was saying,alum is more fogiving .Here is a pic of some carnage,496 BBC,Eagle Rods went to 9900 RPM and let go (our fault) The rod took out the block,cam,lifters,a few valves .....what a mess.... I saved the heads and rest of the upper end and made a 565 after this mess.
  13. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    Nah,thats not why.....Price is a consideration but Racers will go to no ends to spend money to gain power if Titanium was faster they would run em The reason they use Alum are several,aluminum acts like a shock absorber on the down stroke you can beat the shit out of them and they live ,its...
  14. Is the Performance Package worthwhile?

    id rather buy a Base and add my own parts which is what I did but im a DIYer,if you have to pay for parts to be installed its prob better to get the ford package...
  15. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    Sorry you are incorrect..Ever see a Top Fuel car run anything but Aluminum ?
  16. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    BME is good stuff but I would not run them on the street
  17. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    I switched to GRP (aluminum) no matter how good your billet rod is Aluminum is better for drag racing . 2000+HP
  18. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    Not sure they make a rod for a 5.0 but I ran Carillos in my first BBC Drag engine for years then sold it to another guy who ran it ,the rods lasted over 10 years of beatings and never died..
  19. I sprung for a Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    Other brands I wont mention have a bad reputation but the QA1 has been ok so far I have 100 mile on it so far without issue I cant imagine .023 of run out an issue,even ford OEM shaft has run out I do believe weather it be a driveshaft or a set of shocks a lot of people install them...
  20. 2021 Mustang GT Premium - Recently lowered with Steeda springs 0.5" but now I get a thump

    I am saying it sounds like coil bind,some progressive springs knock. Which is why many have rubber boots around the coils I had Steeda Progressives and they did the same BS so I yanked them out and went with a Linear,problem solved...No offence to Steeda ,I run lots of thier stuff but the Prog...