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  1. which forced induction to go with?

    luckily i live in a state without those restrictions so im good there. also id rather just pay for everything outright. i dont like putting things on credit unless i have to lol
  2. which forced induction to go with?

    i prefer the bov noises im probably going to go with a centri setup but i got about a year to decide lol wife wants to do remodels around the house and we all know how that goes
  3. which forced induction to go with?

    i have a bmr 4 point g track brace
  4. which forced induction to go with?

    to your point i agree with your statements, however the mid mount does get in the way physically with some of my suspension and bracing mods. sadly i would have to go with a top mount kit if i did turbos. plus im in an area with emissions :/
  5. which forced induction to go with?

    simplicity is the biggest thing for me. the small amount of parts used on a centri setup and the fact that it can be quickly reversable helped me with my decision. Also, the turbo kits out there, most of them are sleeper kits which get in the way of some parts i have installed on my car...
  6. exterior mods pics please

    yes i have! pretty much going full rtr on exterior mods. sadly, friend of my traded in his 19 gt and i was able to snag alot of parts off of him. long story short: full rtr everything minus the spoiler because i already have an oem gt500 spoiler and flap and i have a full suspension/bracing...
  7. which forced induction to go with?

    yea i figured you would have to get a bigger fuel pump and injectors instead of a BAP with e85. unlike procharger, i cant see the max psi of the vortech and paxton units to see what they can handle
  8. which forced induction to go with?

    im still finding myself leaning more towards the centri setup for the simplicity of it and the more reliability. just for my information IF i was going to go for around 800-900 later down the road, is there any centri setups that you guys know about that would get the job done?
  9. which forced induction to go with?

    thank you for everybody thats commented today i appreciate it alot. im definitely out of my element when it comes to FI and i dont even know what levels are provided for each company. i do know that procharger makes 2 different supercharges but i was unaware that vortech/paxton made different...
  10. which forced induction to go with?

    100% a transport thing....transporting gapples all day long ;)
  11. which forced induction to go with?

    thats what everybody is telling me lol im probably going to go with a centri of some sort just because i prefer the bov sounds lol now just got to figure out which one to go with
  12. which forced induction to go with?

    my friend has a mt whipple car and i loved it and there wasnt alot of whine without the whine mod so it would be fine. i definitely want to be obnoxious cause everything about my car is going to be that way from the exhaust down to the paint color lol but i would definitely take you up on your...
  13. which forced induction to go with?

    thank you all for your replies! i was talking to a friend local to me about this subject before and it looks like everybody is saying the same thing. i really didnt know with the a10 cars it really didnt matter which boost options you went with. i do want to stay with pump gas just to keep...
  14. which forced induction to go with?

    thanks for all the replies and information. to everyones point there is ALOT of threads going on about this scenario so im glad you are posting on here as it makes it much easier for me. centri and pd i believe is best at the higher rpms as well, but given pd has quicker torque response, i...
  15. which forced induction to go with?

    i figured this was a question that gets asked alot. sorry for asking it again but there are alot of options out there and i would somebody to just talk it over with me with a breakdown of pros and cons. im honestly thing a PD style would be best for what im using it for BUT i prefer bov sounds...
  16. which forced induction to go with?

    Sorry for posting in general, i dont know what chat would have been best to ask this. I am very indecisive on what forced induction to go with on my 20 10r80 car. i know its more of a "what are you doing with it" situation but i dont know what way is best for what i want to do with the car...
  17. exterior mods pics please

    the magnesium paddles will NOT work with the standard gt model hence why nobody has made it before until I made it work on my vehicle. As far as im aware my mustang is the only one that has the wheel that has working gt500 paddles.
  18. Painted headlights 18+

    Has anybody done any modifications to the insides of their headlights? I was personally wanting to paint the inside of the housings and maybe doing some type of retrofit. If anybody has anything done please post pictures and what youve done. Thank You!
  19. exterior mods pics please

    those paddle shifters are the magnesium paddles found from the gt500. this is a oem gt500 steering wheel that comes with them.
  20. exterior mods pics please

    i prefer everything blacked out lol i have my tail lights painted. still plenty bright.