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  1. Do y'all think I totaled my car? (Update: I did)

    I just wouldn’t keep writing on a public forum about “how” you crashed the car… its a public forum….hope it works out for you because it really sucks for sure.
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Do you have the 9 Speaker or B+O? Just wondering if it is worth it to change out the B+O speakers? Im not a huge audio guy, so likely not worth it for me.
  3. How does your GT run on regular gas?

    I ran 87 in mine a couple times, probably not a good comparison since it was a tank here or there. But I didn’t notice a bit of difference. I do worry a bit if I am somehow hurting the engine by running it, its irrational but I still think it. But even with gas prices as they are I look at it as...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Cleaned it up yesterday and went for a cruise.
  5. Never Normal Mode

    When I DD I always use Normal mode, I do a 80 mile round trip and enjoy cruising and getting 25MPG, weekends and fun drives are a different story. But I dont drive like a race car on the street anyway.
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Cleaned it up, hadn’t been washed in a month or so…pretty dirty… Going out for a fall cruise today…
  7. Do you drive in quiet mode?

    I get up really early for work, mine is set for quiet mode between 10:30PM and 7 AM. I do like quiet mode on long trips also.
  8. What's your Fuel Mileage on 2018-2021 Gt's 5.0 with 10 sp or Standards

    Road trips at 80 often see 28 +-, I daily mine 80 miles per trip run about 24.8 avg.
  9. New Morimoto 2018+ Mustang LED head lights full install video @Lethalperformance

    Good quality headlights for sure - I have the Morimoto Headlight for my 08 Tundra, game changer.
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    OK OK, cleaned the car today, did a really nice job….wearing my glass instead of my contacts…bad idea…..went to put it back in garage…..OOPS! Thank goodness for PPF - one little blemish on the PPF…no biggie - little elbow grease and all good…before and after….HA HA HA all I can do is laugh at...
  11. More proof that an oil separator is a good idea

    33K on the car now - does it make sense to put one on now and if so do I have to clean anything up/out first?
  12. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    Well had mine in today for this issue, mine doesnt happen often. The service guy and tech both observed the issue while I was there so no doubt they saw/felt it. They are struggling to get the the computers to dentist anything. Car has no codes. I like my crew at the dealer I work with, shoot...
  13. Best driving roads for a Mustang in your state?

    I was in Graf 97-00, my son in law is now there and my daughter is heading over soon - she was born in Wieden.
  14. Best driving roads for a Mustang in your state?

    Mentioned already but Tail of the Dragon of course but also Cherohala Skyway, Rt 28 from 74 to Franklin NC is really cool also, and finally RT 40 from Waynesville NC to Wilton Springs TN is a very cool highway drive. Anywhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway but your not going faster likely due to traffic.
  15. Two unplugged harnesses under my 2018 GT

    Does that mean Iif you have the harness you can install magaride =
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I got 24K out of mine, had the alignment redone when I replaced them, they are wearing much more normal now after 8K miles. Camber and toe from the factory was fairly agressive.
  17. Your thoughts on IRS

    I dont know how someone cant tell the difference but I am sure it an happen also. My 19 vs my buddy’s 13 Boss 302….my 19 all day long. The boss is amazing and super fun to drive but Ill take the IRS all day long. I had a 83 GT and a 89 LX 5.0 and frankly I would never compare those to the new...
  18. You know you drive a black/dark colored car when...

    You pound your nuts flat with a hammer twice a week.....previous experience....LOL
  19. Mileage on Pilot Sport 4s

    The stock alignment will cut down the inside of the tire. I cant remember when I changed my fronts if it was camber or toe...but I did ask them to adjust so it does happen again. I did notice a bit of difference in handling but after a while I cant tell the difference anymore. But last check...