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  1. Roush CAI compatability

    Where did you find them, Amazon?
  2. Roush CAI compatability

    Did it come with those mounting screws or the self tapping ones? I'd rather have black push pin style.
  3. Switchback LEDs suggestions

    Went through this process myself and ended up pulling the trigger on the Diode Dynamics stuff. I'll have switchback front signals for sale in a few weeks when I switch my turn signal lenses/bulbs. If you don't mind waiting of course.
  4. Trackspec GT4 center vent

    That's great! Where did you get that plastic piece?
  5. What does your Mustang drink?

    Still haven't tried Esso 93, filled up with Ultra94 last night though. Usually switch from Ultra94 to Shell91. My car only has catback and Roush CAI though without a tune.
  6. Trackspec GT4 center vent

    Do you have to have an inclosed CAI with these vents?
  7. What does your Mustang drink?

    Try and use Shell 91 but if there isn't one around then I'll use Petro 94. Is the Esso 93 any good?
  8. Dressed up engine bays

    Nothing fancy, for now.
  9. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Going to paint them either gloss black or a root beer bronze.
  10. Warranty exclusion for track use

    No updates?
  11. Virginia Lund Ngauge

    Guess this has sold
  12. Panel Gap Issues

    Also, the bumper is against my passenger headlight and there's a big gap on the driver's side. Again, they're saying you can't adjust it. Really? 2017 Mustang and you can't adjust anything to fit properly?
  13. Panel Gap Issues

    Was this ever sorted out? My front bumper isn't aligned at all and in fact keeps breaking the side bumper tabs where it joins the fender because of the misalignment. I've been told there's no way to adjust it either. Body shop at Heritage Ford in Scarborough are saying this.

    Scarborough here!

    Looks good, need better pics of that though!
  16. Custom Car Grill Upper and Lower installed

    That looks great! Just ordered my set today.
  17. Custom Car Grill Upper and Lower installed

    Looks good to me. This is the kit from
  18. Tuning with dealer warranty

    I figured as much and having the extended warranty I'll just wait until it's up before messing with the drivetrain. Thanks for the input gents.
  19. Tuning with dealer warranty

    I'm thinking of putting headers and cai on my '17 GT but worried about what the dealer will say once I tune the car with an SCT.. will it void anything? Would they refuse my warranty for any parts needing replaced if I do tune it?
  20. The new Velgen VF5!

    Love these! Need a set for my '17!