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  1. Another R lead

    In the off chance that someone reads this thread and is looking for a used GT350R I am trying to sell mine for $67500 with 2600 miles.
  2. 2017 GT350R

  3. 2017 GT350R

    Thanks for taking a look. If you know anyone looking please share. I'll do what I can to keep from selling it to a dealer.
  4. 2017 GT350R

    $70000 New Price Drop

    I’ve got a used one in the mid south if you’re interested.
  6. 2017 GT350R

    $71000 if someone wants it before spring arrives.
  7. NEW Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 set of tires for GT350R

    If shipping wouldn’t kill me I would get them from you.
  8. 2017 GT350R

    A few more photos. In about a month I will get it out and take more photos and advertise it widely.
  9. 2017 GT350R

    Replied to all PMs.
  10. 2017 GT350R

    March I think.
  11. 2017 GT350R

    Thanks. I've only offered it here so far. It has been the best car I've had by a long shot and this decision did not come easy.
  12. 2017 GT350R
  13. 2017 GT350R

    Apparently every photo that I have is too large to upload. I have plenty and will work on a way to upload.
  14. 2017 GT350R

    I would like to sell my GT350R. I absolutely love this car but I think I would like to build a track only car. Year: 2017 Make: Ford Model: Mustang Trim: GT350R Color: Yellow with black stripes, black roof, and electronics package Transmission: Manual Mileage: about 2600 Modifications: MGW...
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Installed some jacking rails this morning in preparation for upcoming winter projects.
  16. HR361 Caliperfexion stud installation highlights

    Appreciate the write up. I may try to install mine next weekend.
  17. Track Brake Pads

    That's what they want. 50% or more to start an event here. If I remember correctly all they looked at was no floor mats, trunk empty, glove box empty, brake pads, and check the torque on lug nuts. I had fun so those are all small hoops to jump through in my opinion. Sometimes you've just got to...
  18. Track Brake Pads

    Thanks. I figured that I was missing something looking at all the links to race pads on here they seemed to be a similar in cost to the aftermarket so I figured that I was missing out on something. I've already sent an email to the people that make the caliper bolts you don't need to take...
  19. Track Brake Pads

    I'm a novice at this so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I went to the dealer and they wanted $363 for pads for each front wheel and a week to order. That doesn't seem cheap for three days so is there a better place to buy them than the dealer? I understand cheap is relative so no need for...