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  1. Catless headers and inspections

    Do you have this on your car?
  2. Shaker Pro Wiring Diagram?

    Thanks, The wiring diagram in that thread was just what I was looking for.
  3. Catless headers and inspections

    And the inspection computer will know that and fail me. I've already tried it.
  4. Shaker Pro Wiring Diagram?

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Shaker Pro sound system? I'm getting ready to delete the factory 8" sub and add my own 10" sub with a different amp. I need to know the polarity of the rear deck speakers and the signal/power wire from the factory sub/amp wiring harness.
  5. Looking for suspension package upgrade

    UPDATE: Ordered a suspension set up from Steeda: Front and rear sway bars Rear Toe Rods Camber plates Progressive rate springs Steeda-non adjustable shocks/struts I'll report back when I receive it and get it installed. Rodney at Steeda was very helpful with answering all my questions and...
  6. Catless headers and inspections

    That won't work in my county. They plug into the computer to verify all systems are ready. With it turned off they will fail the inspection even if there is no CEL. That's why I was hoping someone can comment if the O2 sensor extenders will work.
  7. Catless headers and inspections

    I was wondering if O2 sensor extensions would work with catless headers to not throw a CEL.
  8. BMR's SP089 Front / SP082 Rear "Minimal Drop" Springs: Now sold as a kit (SP763)

    Are the springs mainly for looks or are there handling benefits?
  9. Rear Tire Wear on Inside

    I rotated my tires recently and noticed the rear tires are wearing faster on the inside. What would cause this?
  10. Brembo Upgrade for Base GT

    Your local ford dealer has them. I picked up 4 new crush washers for $6 for my conversion. I'm sure the bolts are pretty reasonable too.
  11. Looking for suspension package upgrade

    I had a Steeda Stage one package on my S197 GT so I'm very familiar with the quality on the parts and service.
  12. Looking for suspension package upgrade

    That's pretty cool. I'm surprised it doesn't offer sway bars as part of the package.
  13. Looking for suspension package upgrade

    I have a non PP GT and would like to better the handling of the car. I'm looking for a package setup that is still nice for a daily driver.
  14. Brembo caliper rebuild

    How did you all get the inner seals out? They seam to be a hard plastic that doesn't want to budge. NM...I figured it out. Better lighting made all the difference for me to se the seal.
  15. Double pumping brakes after new fluid and pads

    I have a Harbor Freight bleeder similar to that. I wonder if it would do just as well. I also read that this Autel scanner has an ABS bleed function but, I'm trying to confirm it...
  16. M-2300-MR vs non PP GT rear brakes

    Is the PP pack rear M-2300-MR worth the extra money to upgrade vs my non PP brakes? They are both single piston calipers. I'm in the process of adding the 6 piston PP calipers and rotors to the front.
  17. Brembo Caliper Guide Pins

    Good to know!
  18. Steeda Forum Discount code?

    Code please. I'm looking at a brake package.
  19. Headers for a noob.

    What is the whp difference between catted and non catted LT's?