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  1. Green Koenig Build

    Good to hear no rubbing Its a street car set up no track Im set up with Nitto G2's / rtr tech 7 20x9.5" wheels (33 offset)& 275/35R20 tires (front), 20x10.5"(45 offset) wheels & 305/35R20 tires (rear). I have a pp1 So will keep oem shocks/struts until later What are your velgen offsets? It...
  2. Green Koenig Build

    Car looks great Question have you had any rubbing issues after installing the the Steeda Progressive Springs with their bumpstops? I have same size wheel tire set up and have debated using these springs Did you keep stock shocks/struts and did you have to get caster camber plates? Thanks much!
  3. Wheels/tires/lowering ?

    Curioue what did you decide?
  4. Rousch phase 2

    THanks again for the feedback , be safe!
  5. Rousch phase 2

    gotcha and appreciate your insight. I have 19 GT with an auto 10R80 trans, pp1 and its sounds like are driving habits are the same. This is a street car for me no track, etc. As far as lower end RPM's power band wanted to know if you see an instant change when you step on it in the lower range...
  6. Rousch phase 2

    hows your driveability with this kit? has their heat soak issues been resolved and is the power band consistent even in lower RPM's? Thanks
  7. Supercharger Memorial day SALE

    Is anyone having a memorial day sale on supercharger kits?