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  1. Colorado WTB-- GT350r Carbon Fiber wheels

    I haven't searched for repair options recently. I saw Tom's post/s 1-3 years back but haven't reached out to him or the wheel manufacturer, I'm pretty doubtful that they are repairable but either way I prefer to have a non repaired set if I can acquire them at a reasonable price. But...
  2. Colorado WTB-- GT350r Carbon Fiber wheels

    Hello, I need two OEM CF wheels. One front and one rear. If no one has any single wheel/s to part, if someone has a set of 4, I'm interested in that too if that's my only option. Please let me know, I've stopped the crying about damaging two of my wheels and am now ready to correct my mistake...
  3. Connecticut JL Audio Steathbox for Shelby GT350 Mustang S550

    Whats the price? Let us know when you change your mind about shipping, Plz
  4. Hard to shift into 1st gear from stop

    FYI, it very well could be the transmission is bad. My car is currently at the Ford dealership going through dealership hell. The transmission started grinding going into first gear while rolling, then progressed to being difficult (sometimes) to put into first gear at a stop. Dealership hell...
  5. Track events in Denver area

    I'm going. Just as a spectator, How about you? Racing?
  6. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    Agreed Timeless. I'm sorry to see you being attacked for stating what you see as the truth. TDS is alive and well, the Libs have no idea what's in store for them when their savior Biden stumbles his way into town. Obumer would be (and probably is) hiding under his bed, or in the closet! God...
  7. Lowering GT350R it worth it? (Eibach, FP and BMR)

    Now I'm really crying. I stuffed these away and never verified what they were. I had to buy (what I thought were) replacements for my cup2's after I spun on track 360* and flat spotted all four of my almost new tires. It's been an expensive learning curve this year
  8. Lowering GT350R it worth it? (Eibach, FP and BMR)

    Here's a pic of the MPS cup2 325's
  9. Lowering GT350R it worth it? (Eibach, FP and BMR)

    On another thought, side note. I pushed the limit (stock springs/height) and have been able to successfully street and track MPS 4S 325's on all four corners. As I've mentioned, I want to duplicate my friends setup but am concerned (doubtful) if I can run the same tire size on the lower spring...
  10. Using your R models carbon fiber wheels for HPDE events

    I use my CF wheels at the track but have experienced a few things of concern. 1) My CF wheels have tight wheel/caliper clearance compared to my "Forgelines", same spec (R spec) and offset. I found that there was damage to my calipers (all 4) due to rocks/rubber debris being caught up between...
  11. Lowering GT350R it worth it? (Eibach, FP and BMR)

    Tim, You are correct, I stand corrected. I could not get a reply from my friend before I hit enter. His times were 2.5 seconds faster, sorry for my poor recollection. Either way, The mods made a great track car, even better according to my friend, and yes he's constantly working on his driving...
  12. Lowering GT350R it worth it? (Eibach, FP and BMR)

    Terrance, have you noticed an improvement at the track with the lowering springs? Have you also done the rear cradle lock-out mods? One of the guys out here has done the FP lowering springs, lockouts, upgraded toe links on his "R" and says that the suspension mods shaved over 5 seconds off of...
  13. Any Cyber Monday AiM Solo 2 DL Deals

    I bought mine on Ebay. You can find one currently for $639.00. I have never seen these discounted anywhere else. He also sells the "Smarty Cam" for a great price. I bought my Solo2 DL there and found it to be a great deal and seamless process. I highly recommend looking at it. The one thing to...
  14. Shelby Christmas Cards

    That's fantastic, thank you Les
  15. Shelby Christmas Cards

    Would you please create a card for a lightning blue with black stripes R model Thank you, Keith
  16. AIM Solo2 DL Q&A

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate the youtube links, I'll take a look. Now that winter is here, my Mustang is garaged and not likely to see the road until springtime. Maybe I'll try the SOLO2 DL in my daily driver, a VW Jetta Strength, thank you for your suggestion but I don't/won't use "Facebook"...
  17. AIM Solo2 DL Q&A

    My story is below but I preface it to say that for me the instructions available via AIM or anything online left me wanting. I did not find any forums or discussion groups about setup/tips/tricks. Maybe this will help someone else get an easier start I recently bought a new SOLO2 DL. After...
  18. AIM Solo2 DL Q&A

    I'd like to start a AIM Solo2 DL thread to share tips/tricks and thoughts. I know that I could use the help and insight of other peoples experience/knowledge with this powerful, yet complicated device and related software. So please chime in if you want to share.